Sunday, 2022-09-04

Clark[m]I think the zuul restarts may have stalled on zm02. I can't take a look tonight, but will see if I have time tomorrow 02:56
fricklerclarkb: seems some conflict with apt update happening in the background. guess we could just restart the playbook?08:39
fricklernot sure who is reading here, but how can I update the second and third email on those values don't seem to get copied from the openinfraid profile08:40
fungifrickler: you should be able to update them at and that's supposed to replicate to but if it's not working i can reach out to the webdev contractors who maintain that15:15
clarkbyup I just forwarded the question on to the people who maintain all that15:18
clarkbre zm02 it looks like there was a conflict between unattended upgrades and our playbook grabbing the apt lock on zm0215:18
clarkbthe playbook errored at that point and stopped running. I'll start a root screen on bridge and restart the playbook15:19
opendevreviewClark Boylan proposed opendev/system-config master: Append zuul reboot logs instead of truncating them
clarkbNote I modified the command to append in the screen so the current manual run is appending. That change just helps ensure we continue to append for manual intervention in the future15:34
fungifrickler: for the record, i confirmed that adding a new address to immediately also showed up in but has not (yet at least) appeared at the older interface15:37
fungiadding through also seems to immediately update so those seem to probably be sharing a common backend data set15:39
clarkbThe current playbook will hopefully get through things quickly since it appears quiet on the zuul dashboard. I'll have to think about ways to handle the apt lock conflict. Maybe waiting up to 20 minutes or something for the apt lock to be released15:40
fungifrickler: i vaguely recall updating the published profile is blocked by a verification e-mail process, so it's possible the verification message wasn't sent, or got caught up in a spam filter16:17
funginot sure when we'll hear from the webdev folks since it's a holiday weekend in the usa16:18
fungisounds like second and third addresses don't to any verification e-mails, only setting or changing the first address field does that17:52
clarkbit occured to me that the graceful shutdown process relies on docker exec which I think relies on actually having a container running. I've manually run docker-compose up -d on zm02 to prevent the current playbook run from failing there due to no running container22:42
clarkbso two things to handle. Graceful shutdown when services are already down and apt tasks colliding with unattended-upgrades22:43

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