Thursday, 2022-09-29

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amorinI did a patchset on mistral last day, but it's not checked by zuul:07:31
amorinI did a recheck this morning, the build appeared on zuul page but disappeared few sec after07:31
amorinis there any issue with zuul at the moment?07:31
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mnasiadkaclarkb: seems it booted, thanks08:26
frickleramorin: mistral needs to clean up their queue definitions
fricklersimilar to e.g.
amorinfrickler: ack, should I do something?08:32
frickleramorin: yes, you can propose a patch like ^^08:33
amorinperfect, will do08:33
fricklerseems a lot of projects have problems fixing this issue, maybe the TC should start to be more active in helping them08:33
fricklerwe are still at 444 config errors for the openstack tenant08:34
frickler<ad> might be interesting for some people here, too: Large Scale Ops Deep Dive: Schwarz Group, today 14 UTC </ad>09:37
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fungiyep, thanks for the reminder! i always try to watch those11:29
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fungiplayed around with a bit earlier today and it gives some pretty helpful suggestions. i was skeptical, but for the most part i agreed with most of its findings12:17
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opendevreviewMerged openstack/project-config master: charms: add new ceph subteam
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clarkbfungi: some people were complaining that refurb suggest some far less readable code for file IO operations. Apparntly python has some pythonic apis for that that diverge from classic posix open/close/read/write and refurb will happily suggest you change from the classics16:10
clarkbBut its meant to give suggestions not provide a singular opinion that must be followed16:10
fungiright, and in my case i'm going to add it to tox on one of my projects but set it to skip some of those rules16:37
fungia very old codebase i've been incrementally modernizing, and so has a lot of python 2.x and even ancient 1.x patterns (where those things continued working in py3k  anyway)16:38
JayFIf you're not familiar with it, black is also a useful utility. Sorta like gofmt for python.16:45
fungiyeah, i disagree with rather a lot of black's suggestions, but it's definitely gained a lot of popularity16:46
fungithe codebase in question currently does lint with pycodestyle/pyflakes (via flake8+bugbear), bandit, and codespell16:47
fungiand both its yaml inputs and outputs are checked with yamllint16:48
JayFYou can flip some of the opinionated stuff on/off. Honestly I'm not a person who cares about *what* style, so much as there is *consistent* style :D 16:48
fungicoercing pyyaml to write yaml which yamllint likes is no small feat, let me tell you16:49
clarkbthe thing I like about black is it is specifically built to make code review easier via cleaner diffs16:49
fungii end up shadowing some of pyyaml's writer methods to make indentation work16:49
clarkbI can manage for weirdness if it makes code review easier16:49
JayFThe controversial/awkward thing about code formatting tools is how to run them. e.g.: automatically run in CI and commit back differences? Run in check mode in CI and make the dev do a round trip if they didn't run formatting? I even had someone suggest once to run a nightly job to make the main branch conform (NOPE) 16:51
fungilooking back over the code, i substitute my own yaml.emitter.Emitter.expect_block_sequence() method to get the block sequences indented in a yamllint-compatible way, and then override the yaml.SafeDumper class to call it16:52
fungiapparently yamllint wants block sequences overindented16:52
fungiand pyyaml's emitter lacks an option to do that16:53
opendevreviewMerged zuul/zuul-jobs master: Clarify that stage-output doesn't actually write to zuul_output_dir
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clarkbthe mailman mailing list is quite active, but no response to my request for guidance on those issues yet17:18
opendevreviewClark Boylan proposed opendev/system-config master: Update our Gerrit images
clarkbinfra-root ^ that change should run gerrit 3.5 + mina 2.8 + new jgit through our CI system. I don't think we should land that until after the openstack release out of an abundance of caution, but if somethign is horribly broken I want to be able to get that feedback upstream asap hence this change17:29
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clarkbour CI testing seems happy enough with updated gerrit 3.5. Thats good20:51
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clarkbarg I can't push to gerrit right now apparently I no longer have a valid CLA20:58
clarkbbut also it seems to think my account is deleted in some contexts. I really wish I understood what was going on here20:58
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clarkbGerrit is asking for community help to test Gerrit 3.7 RCs: we can probably add 3.7 to our job list and run it through the testing we do21:56
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