Saturday, 2022-10-01

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tosky_I observe a very slow speed (<30kb) while cloning from a specific repository, tobiko, both from my home network (1GB FTTH)and the company network, and it usually ends with ab "error: RPC failed; curl 56 GnuTLS recv error (-9): Error decoding the received TLS packet." (or openssl depending on the distro)13:51
tosky_well, it's slow from other repositories too it seems13:51
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fungitosky: did you see the thread on the openstack-discuss ml about that yesterday? looks like there's something impacting connections to our servers from some european (at least de and uk) isps14:00
fungisounds like the problem may be ongoing14:01
toskyfungi: it's more then "some" it seems14:31
gtemafrom de for me it is still slow, while from NL it is perfectly fine14:32
toskyI'm in Italy, for the record14:33
fungitosky: thanks, so more of europe than we had confirmation of previously15:15
fungibut yes, it seems there's some sort of transatlantic impact for one of the backbone providers vexxhost peers with15:16
fungii've tested cloning devstack over and over from a shell on our mirror server in ovh's gra1 (france) region, and can't see the same impact. takes ~5 seconds to complete a fresh git clone, and no failures after several minutes in a loop15:21
fungilooks like they peer with abovenet/zayo in paris15:23
fungithough the return route seems to be via cogent instead of zayo15:25

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