Thursday, 2022-10-06

opendevreviewFrikin Evgenii proposed openstack/diskimage-builder master: Add variable for check installing python3 in yum element
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opendevreviewRafal Lewandowski proposed openstack/diskimage-builder master: Added cloud-init growpart element
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opendevreviewRafal Lewandowski proposed openstack/diskimage-builder master: Added cloud-init growpart element
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opendevreviewRafal Lewandowski proposed openstack/diskimage-builder master: Added cloud-init growpart element
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clarkbcorvus: fungi: do we know why gertty doesn't respond to the comment thread properly with fungi's latest comment on ?16:01
clarkbthere have been a coupel of times where I've missed fungi's responses to things because gerrit doesn't display them in the expected context (based on web ui behavior)16:01
corvusclarkb: the new comment system is completely different.  i have a wip change that is half-done to add support for it.16:03
corvusi can push it up if others want to try to use it / help finish it.  but it's not really usable yet.16:03
fungiyeah, gertty doesn't have a "reply to inline comment" feature, you just make inline comments16:04
clarkbok I may need to retrain myself to fully open all the diffs to view inlien commenst then16:04
opendevreviewJames E. Blair proposed ttygroup/gertty master: WIP: support inline comment threads
clarkbI don't think it is urgent just wanted to make sure it was understood / known (sounds like it is but wip)16:05
fungigertty shows my inline comment after ianw's, so to me it looks like a continuation of that discussion, but i don't know what it looks like on the webui. i'll take a look16:05
clarkbfungi: inside the file diff it is fine. But on the top level of the change in the comments view it is completely disconnected16:05
corvusthat's where i'm at so far ^ -- it's really squirrely though; widgets disappear sometimes and you have to exit a screen and go back, to get them to show up, etc.  definitely don't use it for anything important.16:05
fungiclarkb: okay, that helps. yeah i only ever view inline comments actually inline (as in looking at the diff) so i hadn't noticed there was even another place they got displayed16:06
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corvus(i can use it to make one or two replies correctly; beyond that, the bugs are too much to deal with)16:06
clarkbfungi: it can really speed up processing review followups without new code to see the responses at the top leve like that16:07
fungicorvus: tangential, but do you know where that address originally came from/what it was?
fungiit's been 10 years, so i'm not holding out hope16:08
corvusfungi: nope; maybe git history would suggest a clue?16:08
fungithe ip address now belongs to iweb/orock from what i can glean from whois16:08
fungicorvus: git history has it imported as part of the original server config16:09
fungimordred's first change adding the config for the listserv16:09
fungiso i'm guessing it was entered into the config directly on the server prior to that16:09
fungimy best guess is that was the original server's ip address or something, and maybe rackspace has sold off the address space in the years since16:10
clarkbI'm going to find breakfast then I'll approve the ansible version bump16:10
clarkbfungi: were you going to update the mm3 change? I'm happy to do it too, but don't forget to rebase the image fork change on top of it too16:15
fungii was going to ask if you or ianw were working on addressing those comments before doing so myself, but happy to16:16
fungijust don't want to duplicate work16:16
clarkbheh ya it becomes confusing when we all end up hacking on the thing. I'll let you do it since you arleady started responding to ianw16:17
clarkbBut let me know if I can help16:17
fungiyou bet16:17
clarkbI've double checked that the opendev service announce thread, fungi's heads up to openstack and the chagne itself for the ansible 6 bump have not elicited any concerns. I'm approve the change now as a result16:20
fungisounds good, thanks!16:21
clarkbmy typing and english have been poor today too. Apologies16:21
fungino worse than mine16:24
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opendevreviewMerged openstack/project-config master: Update OpenDev tenants' default ansible to 6
clarkband now we wait for that to deploy16:32
clarkbthe ansible default version update should deploy in the next few minutes16:46
clarkbI'm watching 3 jobs run with ansible 6 after the default update17:00
clarkband 2/3 of have succeeded. Last one is still running. I'll try to keep my eyes open for anything unexpected17:03
fungisounds great so far!17:03
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clarkbmy go-enry fix for finding "vendored" files in gitea landed Hopefully that means after a gitea upgrade or two we'll be fixed17:23
fungiawesome, thanks!17:23
clarkbactually looks like they already made a go-enry 2.8.3 release. Let me see if I can work out an update to gitea to pull that in17:24
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clarkbinfra-root should be ready to go now19:49
clarkbthats key rotation now that openstack releas is done19:49
clarkbalso I hvaen't seen any failures or errors that appear related to ansible 619:51
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clarkblooks like gitea landed my go enry update. I haev no idea if that will get backported to 1.17 but should be in 1.18 at least21:29
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opendevreviewMerged opendev/system-config master: Update our Gerrit images
clarkbianw ^ fyi.23:33

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