Saturday, 2022-10-08

Unit193fungi: ...Well it's been a long time, not sure if you even remember.  pastebinit is finally in an upstream repo not tied to a distro, has a couple maintainers that care more, and opendev's pastebin of course was fixed.21:42
fungiUnit193: thanks for following up!21:54
fungiUnit193: where's the source hosted now? looks like debian's still building from
Unit193Heh, wasn't expecting you around on a Sat.  I'm going to push for a release by the bookworm freeze so it should be fixed for the next Debian release at least.21:58
fungioh, awesome21:58
fungiawesome, thanks!21:58
fungiand yeah, having it in bookworm would be awesome21:58
fungiapparently "awesome" is the only adjective i'm allowed to use on saturdays22:00
Unit193FWIW, someone had mentioned to me that the API used by is not passed through the proxy.22:00
Unit193That's OK, I was...40 minutes late to an IRC meeting, not a good Sat for me either. :322:01
fungiUnit193: if you mean the apache reverse proxy we have in front of, it looks like we pass everything except /assets and /robots.txt:
fungioh, we do block method=pastes.getRecent i guess22:04
fungiper the inline comment there22:06
Unit193The py script uses the XMLRPC instead of json, but can't say much more than that.  Anywho, thanks for checking.22:24
fungiit does at least seem that there's an xmlrpc implementation included in our lodgeit fork:

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