Saturday, 2022-10-15

gnuoy fungi, would you expect a dockerhub caching proxy to always be available? I've added the use-docker-mirror role to a pre step and I see the corresponding tasks running, however the docker_mirror fact seems unset which seems expected if zuul_site_mirror_fqdn is not set10:37
gnuoyzuul_site_mirror_fqdn -> mirror_fqdn -> docker_mirror10:38
gnuoyperhaps I'm misunderstanding the scope of these facts10:45
fungignuoy: that role writes the mirror configuration out to docker configuration, you might want to check whether it's on the node after that role completes. but also we can inspect what it did with the console view on the build results if you can link to some11:58
fungiit's possible the job isn't using or inheriting the role which sets the zuul_site_mirror_fqdn fact12:03
gnuoyyeah, it looks like it was my mistake. I thought a fact set in a pre step would be available in the main step.12:06
fungii thought the executor cached facts between playbooks12:15
fungipip 22.3 just out13:38
fungiadds features to run with specific python environments outside its own, deprecates calling, and some other less major changes... be on the lookout for broken13:39
opendevreviewClark Boylan proposed opendev/system-config master: Update to gitea 1.17.3
opendevreviewClark Boylan proposed opendev/system-config master: Update to gitea 1.17.3
clarkbfwiw I think cacti for gitea-lb02 isn't updating due to lack of the dns record. I did restart snmpd just to be sure it is happy (as that has been necessary in the past). Also we did configure swap on jammy successfully (something I thought about this morning)19:01
corvusi'm working on a zuul change, and i needed to answer the question "what version of gerrit were we running in august of 2013".  the answer was easy to arrive at thanks to our gitops: 2.8.4.  :)22:41
Clark[m]We've come a long way from there22:48
fungiholy heck22:48
fungiseems like only yesterday22:49
fungiprobably another sign i'm getting old22:49

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