Thursday, 2022-11-17

opendevreviewMerged opendev/system-config master: Cleanup force merging docs
ianwclarkb: thanks!01:04
ianw#status log Status logs now appearing at
opendevstatusianw: finished logging01:07
ianwthe admins were kind enough to unmute the account after my efforts yesterday :)01:08
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opendevreviewLajos Katona proposed openstack/project-config master: Add toggleWipState to networking projects
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dpawlikclarkb, fungi: hey, i'm going on vacation on monday and I'll be away for about 2 weeks. The logscraper/logsender seems to work normally, the Opensearch have enough space, there was no alert also in AWS console so it should be ok. If something will happening with the logscraper/logsender, ping nhicher, fbo[m] 10:03
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fungithanks for the heads up, dpawlik! enjoy your vacation12:22
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opendevreviewMerged openstack/project-config master: Add toggleWipState to networking projects
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priteauHello. Is something going on with opendevmeet? It took 90 seconds to start a meeting just now.15:02
fungipriteau: which channel?15:03
priteauIn #openstack-blazar15:04
fungithe meeting which just started in #openstack-meeting-alt seems to have begun straight away15:04
fungitrying to track down the service log for it to see if there's anything going on15:06
fungipriteau: shows that it responded straight away. maybe there was lag for your startmeeting command making it into the channel?15:08
priteauOK, maybe something on my bouncer side15:09
priteauI issued the command at 15:00 exactly15:09
fungii've had things like packet loss between my client and an irc server result in lengthy delays for a message making it into channels before15:11
fungiso it's not impossible15:11
fungimy irc client shows a lag indicator letting me know how long it's been since a message was sent with no ack from the server, but some clients may not make that obvious (and going through a proxy/bouncer service likely makes that harder to notice)15:12
fungialso, connectivity issues between irc servers can cause messages to lag. so it's possible the server your client connection is into got your message immediately but then didn't forward it on to the irc server the meetbot is connecting to due to some problem15:15
fungithat would manifest in some people in the channel seeing your message right away and others not seeing it until after some delay15:15
fungiinfra-root: i got around to testing manual removal of a row from the repo_redirect table in gitea and it seems to have worked as hoped without any obvious negative consequences. if there are no objections, i'm ready to move forward deleting from repo_redirect where lower_name="ansible-role-zookeeper"15:35
fungifor the record, all 8 gitea servers have this same identical row i plan to delete: id=691 owmer_id=8 lower_name="ansible-role-zookeeper" redirect_repo_id=30815:36
Clark[m]fungi: maybe do a db dump first? gitea01 is the server that does the db backups and crontab should have an example. Also I thought the column name was something else when I checked?15:37
fungiyeah i planned to do mysqldumps too, but worst case, if we run into some issue which didn't arise on the held node i tested with, we can just put that row back into the repo_redirect table15:38
Clark[m]Oh it's the source side that is lower_name. I was thinking of redirect_repo_id but that may not be stable across instances15:38
fungiright, in this case it happens to have a consistent id in all 8 databases (i manually checked them all), but i didn't want to rely on that15:38
fungievery one looks just like
fungiand yeah, the owner_id in that row corresponds to the row for "openstack" while the redirect_repo_id corresponds to the for windmill/ansible-role-zookeeper (just to be clear about the schema)15:42
Clark[m]fungi: my only other thought is to check owner Id against the users table to double check it is windmill15:42
fungiother way around, but yes15:43
Clark[m]Er I had the source and dest backwards. That all lgtm15:43
fungialso there's a ~fungi/2022-11-17_before_edit.sql.gz on all 8 servers now of the full db dump from before any editing is done15:45
fungiokay, i ran this query on all 8 servers:15:48
fungidelete from repo_redirect where lower_name="ansible-role-zookeeper";15:48
fungieach reported one row affected15:48
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fungihowever, is returning a 404 rather than the repository15:51
fungithat's something i didn't test on the held node... creating a new project shadowed by the redirect15:51
Clark[m]Do we know if the project exists?15:52
fungii think it doesn't15:52
fungiselect * from repository where name="ansible-role-zookeeper";15:53
Clark[m]It's possible it wasn't created properly due to the redirect and we just need a rerun of the project config playbook?15:53
fungithat returns only one result, and it's the one in windmill15:53
fungiso yes, that's my suspicion as well, gitea probably refused to create the project because there was a conflicting redirect15:53
fungii guess i can rerun the project creation playbook against just gitea01 and see what happens15:54
Clark[m]The playbook does query for projects before creating them iirc. It should find the project isn't there and then create it I think15:57
fungihappen to recall which playbook it is i want for this?15:58
fungiservice-gitea or something else?15:58
fungioh, manage-projects16:00
Clark[m]Let me see16:00
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fungiyeah, manage-projects includes the gitea-git-repos role but doesn't turn on the gitea_always_update var16:01
Clark[m]I don't think you need the gitea_always_update var because the project doesn't exist 16:01
fungithat's what i'm saying, the sync playbook turns that on and will end up taking forever updating all the projects' metadata16:02
fungibut the manage-projects playbook should be quick and just add the missing project16:02
Clark[m]Ya that is my expectation16:02
fungii have a root screen session on bridge01 about to run this: ansible-playbook --limit /home/zuul/src/
fungithen i'll check the db and see if the project has appeared16:03
fungisound good?16:04
Clark[m]Yes, I think that is roughly equivalent to what zuul would run when a change lands16:05
fungiin progress now16:05
Clark[m](note I'm not in the screen but can attach if that becomes necessary)16:05
Clark[m]You can also address the host directly with to check16:06
fungiyep, sql query on that name returns two repos now (one in openstack, one in windmill) and the direct url returns a readme file16:09
fungimay need to re-trigger replication from gerrit16:10
fungibut i'll get it created on the other 7 servers first16:10
fungihow much parallelism does ansible-playbook do by default? i forgot to add the -f option16:12
Clark[m]I think 516:13
fungiokay, good enough16:13
fungii do see it doing more than one at a time anyway16:13
fungii was worried for a moment that it serialized them all by default16:13
Clark[m]Might be worth also double checking nothing unexpected occurs in the Gerrit side of that playbook when it is done too16:14
fungiyeah, and i'll kick off replication for that repo too16:14
Clark[m]It should noop right because it did create in Gerrit?16:14
fungiin theory, yes16:14
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fungiClark[m]: oh, also i did --limit gitea so it's not doing the gerrit plays anyway16:16
fungiokay, it's finished. i'll remind myself how to retrigger replication next16:19
fungilooks like it's `replication start openstack/ansible-role-zookeeper`16:23
Clark[m]Ya I think the replication command doesn't have the Gerrit prefix16:23
fungithat looks better16:23
funginow has our initial .gitreview file instead of gitea's default readme16:24
funginoonedeadpunk: ^16:24
fungii'll work on the opendev/project-config rename history update next16:24
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opendevreviewJeremy Stanley proposed opendev/project-config master: Comment openstack/ansible-role-zookeeper rename
noonedeadpunkfungi: nice, thanks!16:32
fungiyou're welcome16:35
opendevreviewRodolfo Alonso proposed opendev/irc-meetings master: Update Neutron meetings chairs
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opendevreviewMerged opendev/irc-meetings master: Update Neutron meetings chairs
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ianwfungi: weirdly your comments didn't seem to line up as responses in the webui for
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ianwthey're like separate comments21:15
fungioh, yeah gertty doesn't know how to reply to a comment (that functionality was added to gerrit more recently)21:20
fungialso doesn't show replies to inline comments any differently from new inline comments, so i never notice the difference21:21
opendevreviewJames E. Blair proposed zuul/zuul-jobs master: Add AUTOGENERATED comment to helm-jobs
corvuswip for that:  (not quite 100% yet)21:54
fungioh, cool! i missed that, i think21:56
corvusit kinda barely works.  lots of buttons don't do anything and things disappear when you move around (but they're really there still!)  i can't recommend it.   but i am running it.  :)21:59
opendevreviewMerged zuul/zuul-jobs master: helm: Add job for linting helm charts
opendevreviewMerged zuul/zuul-jobs master: Add AUTOGENERATED comment to helm-jobs
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