Saturday, 2022-12-24

opendevreviewGhanshyam Mann proposed openstack/project-config master: Make TC Rollcall-Vote label as Submit Requirements
gmannis openstack-discuss ML down ? my TC weekly summary did not go through. Also, I did not see any email today05:10
fungilooks like the server is being overwhelmed by something, and some processes were terminated by the oom killer according to dmesg. i'll restart everything and is should hopefully catch up13:51
fungisystem load average was up around 50 so i'm letting mta processes end gracefully which will probably take a few more minutes13:59
fungi#status log Restarted services on since some mailman processes were terminated yesterday by out-of-memory events14:08
opendevstatusfungi: finished logging14:08
fungii think the server's mostly caught up from the backlog now. load average has fallen by half from around 150 to below 75, and there's still plenty of swap available16:08
fungiand it's fallen below 50 now18:01
fungieven with a backup currently in progress18:01

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