Monday, 2023-01-30

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ianwi'm running a prune on the backup0206:11
ianwroot screen06:11
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opendevreviewTobias Henkel proposed zuul/zuul-jobs master: Fix creating bucket in s3 log upload
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fungilucasagomes: our root alias got an invite from rtd to join ovn-bgp-agent, supposedly initiated by your account there. did you need something done?15:15
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fungiokay, so getting closer on the mm3 fixups. on the new held node ( it still had the initial mailman site as rather than so i'm clearly missing something there. after creating corresponding sites and mailman domains through the django admin interface i can see both postorius and hyperkitty correctly filtering the lists for each site.15:57
fungiunfortunately hyperkitty still says in the top-left corner of all the sites, so i need to figure out what's missing for that part (i thought we had already addressed it in the proposed changes, but this would indicate otherwise)15:57
fungii'm restarting the containers on the held node to see if anything changes15:58
lucasagomesfungi, hi there, ah... I created the account and added the openstackci as an admin16:12
lucasagomesfungi, lemme get the patch16:12
lucasagomesfungi, does it need some approval ?16:13
Clark[m]As a heads up slow start for me today due to a doctor's checkup16:13
fungilucasagomes: i'm not super familiar with rtd, so unsure whether the refresh trigger in the rtd api requires the zuul account to be a member of the project. if so, we'll need to accept the invitation from rtd, i think?16:14
fungiokay, good news on the mm3 front... after a full container restart and page refresh, hyperkitty is now showing the lists' individual display names as intended16:15
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fungiso it seems like all we really need at this point is a mechanism for adding the sites/domains in django and then restarting the containers maybe? (possible the container restart is only needed after initial installation and not on addition of new domains)16:16
lucasagomesfungi, I see... I will keep an eye on it on future updates in the doc. If needed I will ask you to accept the invitation16:16
lucasagomesfungi, thanks for the heads up!16:16
fungilucasagomes: note that the invite has a two-week expiration on it, so try to let us know before then16:17
lucasagomesfungi, will do16:17
lucasagomeswe have a patch changing the docs right now16:17
lucasagomesshould be merged this week16:17
fungilucasagomes: basically, rtd rebuilds the content periodically if it notices the repository has changed, the zuul job hits a webhook to tell it to check immediately, so in theory you should see the content update within a few minutes of the job running16:18
lucasagomesfungi, I see... if that's the case there's no need to have the openstack user as admin. I just added because I had another project on rtd where that openstack user was the admin16:21
lucasagomesso I mimic'd it16:21
lucasagomesbut should be fine then16:21
lucasagomeslemme revoke the invitation and see if it will work without it16:22
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clarkbfungi: so if I'm parsing the mm3 stuff correctly these are the steps we need to take: deploy mm3 with site id = 1 and create vhosts, switch site id to 0, add django web host entries for each domain, restart containers?17:47
funginah, the only thing that needed SITE_ID=1 is the initial database setup17:50
fungiso the current change temporarily switches to SITE_ID=1, does the db setup, then switches back to SITE_ID=0 and proceeds with the deployment17:51
fungithere's a flagfile created at ~mailman/bootstrapped which indicates that initial db setup has been performed so that ansible knows not to toggle the config again after the initial deployment17:52
clarkbgotcha so is the process more like set site_id = 1, create db, set site_id = 0, deploy the rest of mm3, update web hosts in django, restart containers?17:53
fungii think so, yes17:57
fungiat least i did those later steps on the held node and they seemed to work. i didn't touch at all17:57
fungi is the current state of that17:57
fungilooks like i added the config revert after the list creation step, but can try moving it earlier17:58
fungithe biggest unknown is what is involved in creating sites and domains through django's api instead of the admin webui18:00
clarkbfungi: there aer a number of django commands through the management script iirc. Its possible there is one that might do this?18:03
clarkbif not we may need to insert into the db directly (ugh). I think I looked at the mm3 api and it doesn't have it exposed that way18:04
opendevreviewJeremy Stanley proposed opendev/infra-manual master: General updates for the Test Environment chapter
clarkbfungi: looks like the django-mailman3 repo's MailDomain has a foreign key on django.contrib.sites.models.Site and it is this that we need to update (both the mailmaindomain table and the site table)18:17
fungiyeah, adding them through the admin webui you can clearly see the dependency (once you create sites, you can choose them in the drop-down while creating domains)18:19
clarkbI'm not seeing any obvious command line tools for this :/18:20
fungii can ask on the ml18:20
clarkb would seem to indicate that django doesn't generically expose this if there is a special library made to do some of this18:21
fungii asked on mailman-users, maybe someone will come back with a less fragile solution18:32
fungiclarkb: revisiting the last message seems to indicate that poking things directly into the db is indeed the alternative to using the admin webui, but hopefully a response to my post will confirm or refute that18:40
fungialso i think my addition of a site didn't do anything because we don't create it if we don't have any lists to add to it, so i'll update the change to make a test list and see if that works18:54
opendevreviewClark Boylan proposed opendev/system-config master: Revert "Update git in gitea images"
opendevreviewClark Boylan proposed opendev/system-config master: Revert "hound: use updated git packages"
clarkbif you accidentall use -d instead of -t git-review fails, but without a clear indication of why (potential improvement here if someone has time)19:14
fungioh -d without a change number?19:15
opendevreviewClark Boylan proposed opendev/system-config master: Flip Gerrit image to install distro git
clarkbfungi: ya -d foo_topic19:17
clarkbmy typing driver failed me there :)19:18
clarkbits a super minor thing, just thought I'd mention it19:19
ianw#status log ran backup prune on
opendevstatusianw: finished logging20:43
opendevreviewAde Lee proposed zuul/zuul-jobs master: Add ubuntu to enable-fips role
opendevreviewAde Lee proposed openstack/project-config master: Add base openstack FIPS job
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opendevreviewIan Wienand proposed zuul/zuul-jobs master: promote-docker-image: also accept OCI manifest formats
opendevreviewMerged zuul/zuul-jobs master: promote-docker-image: also accept OCI manifest formats
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opendevreviewMerged opendev/system-config master: Revert "hound: use updated git packages"

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