Sunday, 2023-02-12

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ianwclarkb: thanks ... yeah i can't see anything either.  and we're definitely connecting back several times.  i'm starting to think it's not actually working ...21:19
Clark[m]ianw: maybe modify the patch to log at the highest level instead of the low fine level? Then it should show up by default regardless of our set-level attempts23:08
fungialso, if anyone's interested in getting the base job working again,
Clark[m]I was just looking at that. fungi we need to remove the cloud from nodepool first23:45
Clark[m]I +2'd that change but it shouldn't be approved until that is done otherwise we'll make nodepool unhappy and possibly need to do manual zk cleanup23:45
fungioh, right i'll get that pushed up23:45
Clark[m]also we can stick the mirror node in the emergency file to temporarily fix the base job23:45
Clark[m]and now back to the superb owl23:46
fungioh, right i forgot that was going on23:49
fungido we need to remove the images entries from the nodepool config before removing the whole provider section? or is it fine to do in one patch?23:50
Clark[m]I think it needs two 23:57
Clark[m]Once the provider is gone it won't know how to remove them from the cloud. If the cloud is completely gone then one might be fine23:57
fungithanks, i'll split it up in that case23:58

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