Monday, 2023-02-20

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mnasiadkaHas something changed in nodepool providers disk configs? I see some are getting ~80GB disk for booting, some are getting 40G disk and a separate ~80G disk (ovh vs rax) - was it always like that?07:30
fricklermnasiadka: that has always been the case, or at least a very long time. it depends on what flavors our donors offer07:58
mnasiadkaok, then let me use it in kolla, because we're out of space on centos often 08:03
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fungimnasiadka: check out the devstack job definition, it partitions that space in a pre-run task11:50
fungishould be able to copy straight from there11:50
mnasiadkafungi: yup, thanks, frickler already pointed me out in that direction11:50
* fungi is just waking up11:51
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fricklerfungi: it is actually a generic openstack role , I'm wondering whether we could make it a bit more generic (not hardcoded to target /opt), so that kolla could reuse it instead of running their own version, cf.
fungioh, right it's copied from what we did in devstack-gate12:25
dtantsurhey folks. a bit offtopic, but is gertty essentially abandoned or just dormant while people are busy?13:43
hasharhello, earlier today (11am UTC) I had a transient POST_FAILURE on the openstack-tox-docs.  Something about a ssh host key not being recognized
hasharit was probably transient since a `reverify` two hours later passed just fine. The change was
hashardtantsur: afaik the main developer of Gertty is corvus  .  I am guessing the software fits current needs or might have a low number of users?15:01
Clark[m]hashar: that happens when a cloud provider reuses an IP address and the multiple nodes fight over the IP with ARP. Recheck is typically the best option there15:02
dtantsurhashar: it's more or less feature complete indeed, but!/story/2009740 is making my experience miserable15:03
hasharClark[m]: fun times! :]  Thank you!15:05
hashardtantsur: the issue might be in the urwid library , there is an issue reported upstream that looks very closely related  Something with the focus not being set on the element15:13
hashardtantsur: then I don't know anything about urwid :] 15:13
dtantsurpossibly, thanks, I'll include the link in the bug15:13
corvusdtantsur: i use gertty successfully as my main interface, so you're likely encountering a bug triggered by some specific conditions.  if you want to track it down and fix it, i'd be happy to look at the change.16:35
dtantsursigh, it's interesting. maybe I can try updating urwid...16:36
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fungidtantsur: also be aware that latest sqlalchemy doesn't work with it yet19:48
fungibut otherwise making a fresh venv with the gertty requirements is working fine for me19:49
opendevreviewJay Faulkner proposed opendev/infra-manual master: Add documentation on removing human user from pypi
opendevreviewJay Faulkner proposed opendev/infra-manual master: Add documentation on removing human user from pypi

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