Monday, 2023-04-10

fungiprometheanfire: yeah, i pin it <201:17
fungipossibly also alembic, can't recall for sure at the moment01:17
prometheanfireya, may need to install in a venv from now on01:20
fungii always have01:25
fungimy ~/bin/gertty is a symlink to ~/lib/gertty/bin/gertty01:25
fungiworks fine that way, quite transparent01:25
* prometheanfire packaged it for gentoo01:43
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opendevreviewFelipe Reyes proposed openstack/project-config master: Remove gerritbot from #openstack-charms
clarkbfungi: prometheanfire: converting isn't too difficult and zzzeek wrote good docs about it.15:16
clarkbBut I'm not a gertty user currently so not in a good spot to check that it is working if I do the conversion15:16
prometheanfireclarkb: ya, I mainly need time to look15:20
clarkbinfra-root as soon as I've sorted out breakfast I'm going to update dns records and shutdown apache2 on static0115:21
clarkbI guess I can tail the server logs on static01 as well to see if I missed anything15:21
clarkbTheJulia: are you still using that held ironic-grenade node for debuggin? No rush if you are. I'm just looking at a list of holds and wondering if any can be cleaned up15:33
fungiprometheanfire: also before you dig into sqla updates, i guess check that there's not already a fix in master or in review for that15:34
prometheanfireI installed from master (or the 9999 package :P)15:39
prometheanfireneed to check reviews15:39
prometheanfirewhich I'd normally do in gertty :|15:39
fungiprometheanfire: fwiw, a quick skim of is:open project:ttygroup/gertty doesn't have any likely suspects15:46 A and AAAA records updated to point at static02's ip addrs. Also since i was already dealing with web ui for dns I modified reverse dns records for static02 and etherpad02 via the web ui15:46
fungiprometheanfire: but also there's `git review -l` if you want a quick list of review subject lines15:46
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clarkball of those dns edits appear to be resolving now too15:48
clarkbthe vast majority of requests showing up on the old static server are clearly web crawlers. docs.o.o is showing some requests that might be legit but DNS for should have updated days ago which means poor record caching/bad clients/crawlers15:55
clarkbI'm going to go ahead and shutdown apache on that server now15:56
clarkbI'll put it in the emergency file too in order to prevent ansible restarting things15:57
prometheanfirefungi: neat, didn't know git-review could do that15:58
opendevreviewMerged openstack/project-config master: Stop using Storyboard for Magnum projects
fungiprometheanfire: it's borderline out of scope for git-review in my opinion, since its goal is not to be a full-fledged gerrit client, but that was one of the original features16:00
clarkbI'm starting to put together an agenda/intro doc for the new contributor meeting at 1400 wednesday here
clarkbgenekuo paulali[m] frickler lets use for the meeting at 14:00 UTC Wednesday. Feel free to add questions/concerns/ideas to the underlying etherpad at as well16:27
TheJuliaclarkb: you guys can take it back, we were able to figure out it is a timing issue with variability of VM speed17:11
TheJuliaclarkb: sorry for not asking for you guys to take it back on friday, it slipped my mind17:11
clarkbthanks I'll do that now17:11
paulali[m]Thanks clarkb ,  Looking forward to it20:09
opendevreviewTim Burke proposed openstack/project-config master: test-release-openstack: Collect tested artifacts
clarkbianw: I'm reviewing nodepool thigs this afternoon so I won't get to the etherpad replacement today, but I'm hoping to land those changes tomorrow and push taht along. I think you've reviewed both changes and I can't think of any reason not to at this point (ptg is over)21:47
ianw++ yeah it all LGTM21:50
ianwhappy if you want to merge those etherpad changes and i can monitor to make sure it deploys21:50
ianwthe moving things to groups21:51
clarkbianw: thsi one you mean? maybe better if you +A it since you had those suggestions?21:52
clarkbI can keep an eye on it for a couple hours too but also distracted by nodepool reviews21:52
ianwyep, done21:54
clarkbI used the new markdown comment support for the first time today. I like it22:09
clarkbfwiw I'll get a meeting agenda out shortly. fungi won't be joining though. I do want to capture some of the changes we've made since the ptg though22:59
fungiyeah, i'll definitely be afk at that time23:00
fungi(just catching up from the hotel room at the moment)23:00
clarkbianw: oh not sure if you saw but I ended up using rax web ui to add the reverse dns entries for static02 and etherpad0223:11
clarkbsince i was in there doing forward dns for anyway23:11
ianw++ hopefully the updates will automate that23:12
clarkbok agenda updated on the wiki. Please get your edits in now or let me know to add them if I have missed anything23:13
opendevreviewMerged opendev/system-config master: Make etherpad configuration more generic for multiple hosts
ianwlgtm; will look into the project acls and copyconditions today23:18

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