Thursday, 2023-05-04

ianwprobably docker-compose has matured to the point that using system packages makes sense now00:40
ianwi imagine it was installed with pip originally because that was the only option00:41
clarkbtest results on show a few things are unhappy with the older version unfortunately. We'll need to dig in and decide if we can live without those features00:44
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clarkbI'm going to hop into the gerrit community meeting (if I remembered it was happening earlier I could've added replication stuff to the agenda, oh well) and then I have some errands to run. But after that I'll dig into the docker-compose failures switching to the distro version14:58
fungithanks. i'm headed out shortly to a long lunch with friends but expect to be around again by 18:00 utc15:01
priteauI typo'ed my meeting start command, if you want you can delete
fungipriteau: i'll try to remember to do it after lunch, have to authenticate to kerberos so i can delete that out of afs15:11
priteauThanks, no worries if you don't have time.15:13
clarkbseems there is no one around to let us into the gerrit community meeting. Maybe I'll suggest we use meetpad for the next one or something15:14
fungilet me guess... they're big on using google meet?15:17
opendevreviewClark Boylan proposed opendev/system-config master: Align hound image build with Gitea's
fungiokay, heading out, back in a few hours15:18
opendevreviewClark Boylan proposed opendev/system-config master: Install docker-compose from the distro
clarkbhttps:// is the held gitea 1.19.3 node assuming we're ready to try that upgrade again after the fun yesterday15:40
clarkbafter a quick look it seems happy which isn't surprising since the delta to 1.19.2 is tiny15:40
opendevreviewClark Boylan proposed opendev/system-config master: Install docker-compose from the distro
clarkbI feel like I knew that was a bad variable name as I was typing it15:54
hasharhi, I bet you already noticed but python urllib3 has released a new major version which breaks requests   The fix is to add an upper bound constraint `urllib3<2`16:08
hasharthen I guess openstack already set up upper bound constraints on all dependencies so most probably none is affected :)16:08
Clark[m]hashar: I spent all day dealing with that and associated fallout yesterday :(16:10
Clark[m]I'm sure there will be more too unfortunately 16:11
* hashar comforts Clark[m] with some cookies and donuts16:22
hasharthose are no fun for sure16:22
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fungiokay, back from lunch and catching up, i'll get to priteau's meeting log cleanup in a moment17:08
JayF,access does this indicate that literally nobody outside of the "All-Projects" access has access to this repo?17:10
JayFOr am I unable to see it because I don't have access?17:10
JayFI suspect it's that I can't see it because I don't have access...17:11
JayFyeah, looks like it from a gander at project-config17:11
fungiJayF: yes, oddly gerrit filters its acl display to only show access you have with the account you're logged in as17:13
fungithey seem to consider showing you what permissions others have as a leak of sensitive information17:14
JayFI have heard that argument made before :) 17:14
JayFeither way, putting that knowledge in my pocket for the future :D17:14
fungiso looking at the acls we put in project-config is a better bet17:14
fungiokay, i apparently mis-remembered, meeting minutes and irc logs are just stored on a cinder volume attached to the eavesdrop server, not in afs. anyway, cleaned up the errant blkazar meeting directory now as priteau requested17:19
clarkbthe meeting schedule stuff is all on afs but the logs are locally mounted I think17:39
opendevreviewClark Boylan proposed opendev/system-config master: Install docker-compose from the distro
clarkbI'll figure out ansible one day17:41
opendevreviewMerged opendev/system-config master: Align hound image build with Gitea's
fungihound deploy just reported18:35
fungiit'll be reloading for a while though, i expect18:35
fungicurrently returns "hound is not ready" when visited18:36
Clark[m]It's about 5 minutes iirc18:36
Clark[m]I want to say you can tail the log and see it do each repo18:36
Clark[m]I think it is up now18:43
fungiits's back, yep18:45
priteauThank you fungi19:26
fungisince codesearch seems to still be working, i'll go ahead and reapprove the gitea upgrade19:57
fungithe new held node still seems fine19:59
clarkbfungi: thanks! I'm back and should be around for the rest of the day now and can keep an eye on it too20:18
fungicool, i meant to approve it a little sooner so it would be mostly ready once you were back20:19
clarkbzuul has been very busy today20:20
clarkb passes CI now and gives us a very good idea of what is required for using distro docker-compose on top of getting everything to focal aready20:20
clarkbin particular the pip module uninstalling distro installed docker-compose is something I'm not quite sure what to do about20:21
clarkbI did what I think may work in the change but I'm open to better ideas too20:21
fungii would just leave the cruft, unless you want to force reinstall the distro package after pip uninstall20:54
clarkbfungi: the problem with leaving it behind is then the pip version is used by default due to its location in $PATH and that I think would become extra confusing20:54
clarkbso I'm really hopin we can remove t20:54
fungiapt-get reinstall should fix it20:55
clarkbI think what I've got should work everywhere but the gitea servers (where we seem to install both already20:55
clarkbfungi: ya so the check I've got is probably sufficient20:55
clarkband if it doesn't work somewhere we can simply reinstall20:55
opendevreviewMerged opendev/system-config master: Update gitea to 1.19.3
clarkbhere we go21:30
* fungi holds onto his seat21:30
fungipromote worked21:32
clarkbgitea09 should be updated21:37
clarkband maybe a few others at this point21:37
clarkb09-12 are done. 13 is updating now21:38
fungiPowered by Gitea Version: v1.19.321:40
fungiseems to be working!21:41
clarkball 14 are done now21:41
clarkbI think the last thing to check is if you can clone something and whether or not gerrit replication appears to work21:41
clarkbcloning works for me21:43
fungiyeah, working well here21:43
fungicloning nova is quite slow for me, but i think that's just the giant sucking sound that is zayo's atlanta network21:59
clarkbI'm getting a similar bitrate to cloning system-config22:00
clarkbya I don't think nova is any worse than other repos for me22:01
opendevreviewMerged opendev/ master: Remove old DNS servers
fungiReceiving objects: 100% (732881/732881), 156.16 MiB | 394.00 KiB/s, done.22:05
funginearly 8 minutes start to finish22:05
ianw^^ I've removed the old servers too; so i'm pretty much calling the dns switch done22:05
fungimirror.dfw.rax got much better time, ~3 minutes to clone nova22:06
fungiReceiving objects: 100% (614739/614739), 138.71 MiB | 1.16 MiB/s, done.22:06
clarkbfungi: I got almost 3MBps22:08
clarkb(but already closed the terminal window so can't copy the exact value anymore)22:08
clarkbianw: fwiw foundation reached out to the registrarand they gave us a very non confidence inspiring response so we asked them tochange nothing for glue records22:09
clarkbso ya I think dns is done too. Thank you!22:09
ianwok, better something that works than not ... maybe 2024 will be the year of ipv6 :)22:09
fungimirror.iad.rax finished in about one minute22:10
fungiReceiving objects: 100% (614739/614739), 138.64 MiB | 8.27 MiB/s, done.22:10

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