Monday, 2023-06-12

mnaserany infra friends around? :)01:19
mnaser(in vancouver that is!)01:19
Clark[m]I am here but have things tonight unfortunately 01:24
mnaserah no worries01:33
mnaseri rented a car and explored far out of vancovuer today :)01:33
Clark[m]Nice! I got an 8k walk in and saw some of Stanley park02:54
fungii drank a lot04:57
fungiand then... some more04:57
fungidinners with foundation staff are dangerous, just fyi04:57
* fungi is part of the problem, granted04:58
priteauHi. I have noticed that the website has been really slow recently: loading the list of tests for a specific Version & Target Program can take a long time.11:22
priteauDo you know who manages this host?11:23
fricklerI can log into that host, so somehow it must be infra-root, but I don't know more about it. the host itself has no significant load in terms of CPU+memory, so likely some issue on the software side11:53
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priteauThanks frickler. Should I raise it on openstack-discuss?12:12
fricklerpriteau: either that or just wait for other team members to chime in here, though with the summit going on responses may take some time either way12:15
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Clark[m]I'm not sure anyone else really knows much about the service either. We run it largely as a historical artifact. Is it only loading lists of tests that is slow? That is a very large json/yaml blob that gets parsed iirc and maybe that in particular is unhappy13:12
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opendevreviewTony Breeds proposed opendev/system-config master: Update testing for insecure-ci-registry
opendevreviewTony Breeds proposed opendev/system-config master: [DNM] Test on jammy
tonyb2023-06-12 16:40:32.645049 | | testinfra/[ansible://] SKIPPED [ 67%]16:41
tonyb2023-06-12 16:40:32.880090 | | testinfra/[ansible://] PASSED [ 67%]16:41
frickler#status log force-merged another batch of zuul config error cleanup patches16:55
opendevstatusfrickler: finished logging16:55
fungithanks frickler!16:55
fricklerfound this failing promote job, which doesn't handle not finding the expected gate job run. not sure if that's worth improving
fungii wouldn't worry about it. we rarely bypass gating, and at least in this case the changes had no impact on documentation content anyway, so if that job had succeeded it still wouldn't have really done anything (i suppose it could have been configured to skip that job when no documentation-relevant files were touched)17:12
opendevreviewMerged opendev/system-config master: Patch for arbitrary command execution
priteauClark[m]: I was asking because sometimes even loading the list of versions/tests was slow. But it appears to be fast again tonight.19:04
priteau(talking about refstack.o.o)19:04
fungii suppose it's possible there could have been noisy neighbor issues or a network problem in the cloud where that server resides19:37
fungiinfra-prod-letsencrypt succeeded in deploy for 885830 so it seems like it's all fine19:39
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zigohowdy, anyone already in Vancouver?22:30
zigoI'd be up for a beer with anyone later tonight.22:31

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