Wednesday, 2023-06-14

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SvenKieskecould anyone more knowledgeable then me please have a look at and tell me that is not an issue with zuul / the job instance? looks like IO error in rsync to my eyes.13:11
fricklerto me this does look like an issue with the zuul executor, but I didn't find more information in the logs there. will need some other infra-root to help with it13:29
jaltmanianw: how is the kafs usage going?14:03
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Clark[m]jaltman: the changes to test it are still in review I think. So no hard data yet15:47
Clark[m]frickler: it is unfortunate that it isn't clear which command exits non zero. May need to rewrite that code to be a bit more specific to aid in understanding15:47
slittle1_question: is there a method rename orrrrrrrrr create an alias for a git repository?17:07
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slittle1_we recently dropped armada in favor of a new technology, but we have several git repos with names like 'openstack-armada-app', it would be nice to rename to 'app-openstack', but retain 'penstack-armada-app' as an alias to support older releases.17:10
Clark[m]slittle_ we can rename repos with a planned Gerrit outage and that creates redirects in gitea but not Gerrit.17:11
slittle1_So is that a qualified yes ?17:13
slittle1_The alternative being to create a totally new git initialized from the old.  The inconvenience being a few extra steps for any backports of fixes to older releases reliant on the old repo name.17:17
Clark[m]Yes a qualified yes and it requires some planning due to the outsge17:27
slittle1_14 gits would be impacted.  17:33
slittle1_so old releases would still be able to clone/fetch using the old git name?17:36
Clark[m]Only from not from review.opendev.org17:42
fricklerClark[m]: SvenKieske: the failure may have been caused by two promote jobs running in parallel, see maybe we should add some locking/semaphores in there? or just accept that these sometimes fail and fix up things on the next merge?19:59
JayFfyi fedora repos apparently under dos attack according to the fediverse, if you all see any failures 20:54
fungithanks for the heads up JayF! fingers crossed they get it under control, those situations are never fun and i definitely feel their pain21:07
JayF"hmm, who should we ruin the days of?" "I know, how about a bunch of people providing software for free" -.-21:08

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