Saturday, 2023-06-24

fungii wasn't paying close enough attention, reprepro seems to group the packages by architecture (i should have expected that since the package indices are per-arch anyway), so it's done the "all" (arch-indep) packages as well as arm64 and it's on amd64 now, in the g's00:15
fungi885421 deployed successfully a few minutes ago, so if someone wants to check and then babysit the cname switch that can probably happen any time over the weekend00:28
fungior next week, whenever really00:28
Clark[m]Sounds good00:34
fungilooks like it's generating checksums now02:24
fungireprepro completed while i was asleep, vos release has been running for a while but not sure how long exactly11:06
fungii'm going to be driving for a while the first half of my day but will try to check back in on it once i get where i'm going11:07
fricklerfinished about 2h after you wrote that, I'm leaving the lock in place in case you wanted to check anything else13:58

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