Thursday, 2023-07-06

resitHi, I am getting errors while installing trove in devstack.06:12
resitI would be very grateful if you could help me with this problem.06:13
resitHere I am sharing the error I got while installing trove in devstack.06:13
fungireed: you can find the devstack maintainers in the #openstack-qa channel11:58
fungier, sorry reed!11:59
fungii guess resit asked and then left11:59
opendevreviewMerged openstack/project-config master: Add OpenStack K8S charms
* frickler answered twice in #openstack-dev already over the last days. not a devstack issue if it works w/o trove plugin12:44
corvusfungi: it looks like we have only one ip address available in osuosl; is that expected?21:02
corvus"Error in creating the server. Compute service reports fault: Build of instance ... aborted: Failed to allocate the network(s) with error No fixed IP addresses available for network: ..., not rescheduling."21:03
corvusthere's one server in that cloud right now (which is how i'm deducing that we have one ip available)21:03
fungicorvus: i don't think that's expected, no. seems like a problem with fip allocation21:32
fungiand i guess the linaro cloud isn't allocating any arm nodes either?21:33
corvusfungi: it says "fixed" so i'm assuming it's not floating ips, but still there's a dhcp server on the subnet and i guess it thinks it's out of ips?21:36
corvusi think there are a few nodes in linaro right now21:36
fungioh, maybe not fip then21:37
corvusi drilled down using the openstack cli as far as "subnet show" which tells me the range, but nothing about the usage21:37
fungimaybe Ramereth can tell us if they're short on available addresses in that cloud21:38

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