Friday, 2023-07-14

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SvenKieskenot sure if this is the right channel: when clicking on "code hosting" on the link goes to which is the org search. I always end up getting no search results there because I first have to switch to the repository search: the question is: could the link be changed? (I have no idea in which repo this website is located, I can 14:49
SvenKieskesubmit a changeset)14:49
fungiSvenKieske: i guess it depends on what we expect people to be looking for there. the assumption was that they'd look for a namespace like "openstack" or "vexxhost" or "zuul" rather than a specific repository14:51
SvenKieskewell, if I click on "code hosting" I'm searching for code, not for people, but that's just me :D14:53
fungi"organizations" aren't people in this sense, they're organized collections of source code repositories14:53
SvenKieskeI often end up searching via the github mirrors because it's less hassle and the code search itself is also better. which is kind of sad.14:53
SvenKieskewell e.g. I just wanted to search for "ldappool" which only exists as a repo, not an org, no hits there14:54
fungii agree that the code search in gitea is still somewhat lacking, which is why we also continue to maintain for now14:54
fungithat runs an instance of a separate service (hound)14:55
SvenKieskeah, I didn't even know is a thing, is that linked somewhere? it's quite possible I just didn't look in the right place.14:55
fungii think we didn't link to it because we were hopeful the code search in gitea would improve more quickly14:55
fungiprior to the gitea migration (when we were still using cgit), that was our only repository content searching system14:56
SvenKieskeokay, I mean in general I guess I'm fine with gitea. It's just that I always forget to switch to the repo search. And I never find anything in the org search, that's to high level for my needs14:57
fungiSvenKieske: if you want to propose a change to the link, that's in our template here:
SvenKieskeokay, if I search for the "openstack" org I find every repo under the org14:59
fungiSvenKieske: also the "explore" button at the top of the page goes to the repositories search instead of the organizations search14:59
SvenKieskeI can propose a change, but I'd like to have consensus first, does that make sense? I mean it's totally possible that a reasonable expectation is that a user wants to search for orgs at first.14:59
SvenKieskeyeah, it's just one click, so really a minor issue15:00
fungiwell, what i'm saying is that on the top level page there's already a link to the repo search, it's the explore button at the very top15:00
SvenKieskejust asked because it's like the third or fourth time I forget that click and that's slightly annoying. and it's easier to fix websites than people :D 15:00
SvenKieskeah wait on itself? thanks for that pointer, that didn't occur to me15:01
SvenKieskemaybe I should also save some bookmarks for this stuff instead of re-searching everytime :D15:02
fungii agree the ui is a little counter-intuitive, it's one of the challenges resulting from us wanting to have our code browsing service double as the main page for our collaboratory15:02
fungimain landing page i mean15:02
fungialso the content on that page is long overdue for a refresh15:03
SvenKieskewell, at least that site works.15:05 is in a much more dire situation :D15:05 has a lot of historical baggage since it used to be the foundation's web site rather than really being a project web site, hence the proliferation of subdomains like docs.o.o, security.o.o, releases.o.o, et cetera. contrast with which just puts project documentation in
SvenKieskeI'm just talking about basic stuff like completely broken links (404) e.g. all "sample configs" seem to be broken, example: linked from
fungithe foundation has moved to since its rename, but continues to manage the site as somewhere between foundation marketing collateral and a project landing page15:07
SvenKieskeyeah; I understand there is little dev power for stuff like this - at least that's my impression from the outside -15:08
fungiright. the upshot is that community members can't easily propose fixes for content because a lot of it is inside a clicky-clicky cms that only the foundation design and marketing people have access to15:09
SvenKieskeand I guess there's not much overlap between infrastructure /backend engineers and webfrontend people15:09
fungino, in fact the foundation outsources much of its web development to a third party15:09
SvenKieskeI also tend to avoid web frontend stuff as much as possible15:09
SvenKieskeah really15:10
SvenKieskethen they are really not getting that much for their money.15:10
fungii think they're getting what they pay for (or more), but budgets are tight when you're a nonprofit org15:10
SvenKieskeI know some webdevs and web agencies who know their stuff. I mean it's a complicated site and surely a lot of work, but no broken links is like webdev 10115:10
fungino broken links is still someone spending time to fix them when the things they link to are outside their sphere of control15:11
SvenKieskeI mean I don't know what they pay. I'm also under the impression that the foundation is somehow short on money, despite all these large orgs paying.15:11
SvenKieskeanyway, thanks for the info :)15:12
fungilots of money goes to staff who work on other parts of the organization, to very expensive lawyers, and so on15:12
fungiand to putting on events for the community at a loss (those events are only partly covered by ticket prices and sponsorships, the rest comes out of the annual budget)15:13
fungibut yes, upkeep on the site has been languishing since the web development effort recently has been going into migrating foundation content to openinfra.dev15:14
fungii think the plan is to freshen up and make it more software/community specific once the rest of the foundation content has moved off of it15:15
SvenKieskewell regarding events I hope future events will become more virtualized, but that doesn't mean that it will become cheaper.15:16
fungiright, it's a balancing act. companies are less inclined to sponsor virtual events, or sponsor for less money, and we typically haven't charged attendees for them at all, so they end up with a much larger proportion spent from the foundation's budget15:20
opendevreviewLuciano Lo Giudice proposed openstack/project-config master: Add charms.ceph to charm-ceph acl
opendevreviewLuciano Lo Giudice proposed openstack/project-config master: Add ceph-related projects to charm-ceph acl
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