Sunday, 2023-08-27

fricklerinfra-root: do we have funds (via the foundation?) to register an additional domain? devstack/neutron/tempest dns testing is currently using openstack.local., but since .local is reserved for mdns, this isn't working well in some scenarios.09:37
fricklerehm openstackgate.local that is. instead of using something like, I thought maybe we could have instead?09:38
fricklerthe idea would be to simply register it and thus make sure that nobody else is using it, avoiding possible conflicts with the test usage09:39
fungifrickler: i'm sure we can, though rfc 6761 specifies some more options besides the example domains. in particular' "test" might make sense to use for that purpose12:06
fungialso the foundation already controls some domains we could reuse for it. right now is just a redirect to the devstack docs12:06
fungiand has been a 301 permanent redirect for years, so is almost certainly safe to use for something else now12:07

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