Sunday, 2023-09-03

fricklerwow. $ curl -s|jq '.[].name '|grep Regex|wc -l10:04
fungiis that lower than previous?11:40
fricklerno, that's completely new, caused by the next incompatible change zuul is planning. and I really wonder who is (expected to be) going to amend all the configs this time round13:49
fricklerweird coincidence, the total number of current config errors is exactly the size of the electorate for the current election13:49
fungiwhich incompatible change?14:06
fungioh, the regex deprecation14:07
fungiluckily it seems to be concentrated in a relatively small number of repositories14:08
fungii wonder how ^(?!^zuul$)\S+$ should be rewritten to be re2 style instead of perl style14:10
fungilooks like pcre's negative lookahead is the problem14:11
fungi"As a matter of principle, RE2 does not support constructs for which only backtracking solutions are known to exist. Thus, backreferences and look-around assertions are not supported."14:12
fungiokay, so not solveable directly in the regex string, but provides a solution14:15
fungiregex: ^zuul$14:18
funginegate: true14:19
fungisomething like that14:19
fungiluckily, deprecation warnings don't block config loading like config errors do14:22
fungithe last time we had a major backward-incompatible change to zuul configuration, we warned people about it for a year but nobody noticed until it actually took effect and became a syntax error, so hopefully the ability to have non-fatal deprecation warnings this time will increase the visibility and lead to fewer unpleasant surprises14:24

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