Saturday, 2023-11-18

tonybOkay I think I'm done for today.00:00
tonybI'll keep an eye on the prune from time to time00:01
tonybhave a great weekend00:01
Clark[m]You too00:01
fungiit just finished ;)00:14
tonybbackup02 is done as fungi points out disk is now at 65% down from 91%00:19
tonybbackup01 is still at 92% and running00:27
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tonybbackup01 ran for 14(ish) hours with no errors and is now down to 23% from 92% which is a much bigger drop than I was expecting17:39
Clark[m]tonyb: that backup server has a larger disk attached to it. I think total used now is similar between the two after pruning but 01 needs pruning less often and when it does prune it is a larger percentage due to starting at a higher total usage17:49
Clark[m]I think this is expected and fine17:49
Clark[m]Given how long that took does our doc recommend running the script in screen? If not it probably should17:50
tonybokay that's good.   I'll double check the docs. about screen being suggested. and if not make an update 18:50

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