Thursday, 2023-11-23

NeilHanlonfungi: I can confirm that the endpoint I gave to mnasiadka can be used for opendev to pull from02:17
NeilHanlonI think that there is definitely some value of jobs which could be improved by having a rocky mirror. in particular, whenever rocky might release something and it takes some time to propagate to all the mirrors, there can be spurious CI failures in both kolla and OSA due to mismatched content on mirrors. At least with an opendev mirror, the02:19
NeilHanlonartifacts should be consistent02:19
Clark[m]They would only be as consistent as what we sync from so that depends on the endpoint04:06
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fungithere would need to be some consistency checker we could run over what we've rsynced in order for the script to be able to avoid publishing an inconsistent state it retrieved from the source site13:21
fungiotherwise, yes, if the rsync source is in an inconsistent state then so will our mirrors be13:21
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