Saturday, 2024-01-06

fungiclarkb: says "Delete old repository archives" last ran a few minutes ago and finished, if you wanted to recheck the table00:08
clarkbsure. Looks liek i have to reload keys though00:21
clarkbfungi: the oldest file is gone as are some of the other older files. But there are still files that are too old00:24
clarkbso it is running and it is managing to delete things but then at some point bails out or starts with an incomplete list00:24
fungiso they get disconnected from the db records maybe?00:24
fungileaked basically00:25
clarkboh sorry the db record is gone too00:25
clarkbso all is well when things actually delete. The problem is we keep old db records and old files on disk and leak both00:25
clarkbin this case we appear to have jumped ahead by about 20 hours00:25
clarkbso each day we're leaking 4 hours worth of stuff?00:25
clarkband that builds up over time00:26
clarkbI wonder if we switch gitea12 to run the cron every 4 hours (or some other value less than 20 hours) if it would keep up00:26
fungiyeah, i mean the ones not getting deleted even though they're older maybe aren't in the db?00:26
clarkbthat could be another approach we take00:26
fungiso have become disconnected from the tracked state and essentially leaked00:27
clarkbfungi: I haven't been able to see that. In this case the records in the db for gitea12 are far more than 24 hours old and should be deleted00:27
clarkbit is possible that we also delete things on disk because we remove their db record but don't delete the disk contents but I haven't found evidence of that00:27
fungioh, okay so the older archives on disk are also still tracked in the db00:28
clarkbyup and their timestamps are well over 24 hours old00:28
clarkb1702763079 is the oldest currently on gitea1200:29
clarkbbefore the latest run it was 1702690831 but that got cleaned up (and at least 9 others did I did queries limited to 10 results so not sure how many it actually removed)00:29
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