Tuesday, 2021-03-02

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ttxBoard meeting starting in 3 minutes!14:57
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smcginnisttx got new glasses. :)15:19
TheJuliaThis is something I need to go do15:21
TheJuliaNew glasses that is.15:21
spotzMy Lasix is still holding on15:24
* TheJulia wonders what is causing all the audio to only be on the left channel on her computer15:27
TheJuliaOf course it is the ear with the more hearing damage15:27
smcginnisOf course!15:27
ttxsmcginnis: my camera is so good you should be able to pick the brand15:29
spotzI had some scratchy during voting but no mono changes15:37
fungihttps://etherpad.opendev.org/p/board-scratchpad-2021-03-02 is i assume the etherpad which was just mentioned15:49
fungiremainder of the call is executive session, i assume16:42
fungior is there a time for the public to rejoin after executive session concludes?16:43
spotzfungi looks like we end after this17:04
fungithanks for confirming!17:05

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