Thursday, 2024-02-08

fungiTheJulia: was today's ai discussion supposed to be private? the scheduling thread on the board ml went silent and never indicated when it would take place, or i would have been happy to join18:33
TheJuliafungi: Not explicitly intended to be private. Much more a matter of no other interest was expressed and more an informal working group thread of discussion being pulled along so I ended up only copying the board meeting invite and sending that out. If you were interested I would have been happy to send you a meeting invite18:53
fungiTheJulia: oh, sorry, i was interested i just didn't want scheduling decisions to be contingent on my availability18:55
fungiif i'd known that was the only way to find out when and where the conversation was happening, i would have spoken up18:55
TheJuliaEh, if you or anyone else had responded with "I'm really interested, can we do it Wednesday or next Friday" I would have been happy :)18:55
fungii wanted to join the earlier discussions too, but was unavailable due to travel so figured i'd get involved for the next one18:56
TheJuliaI should have posted something out to the list, but a meeting invite is just sort of the convienent fastest path, and I'm not going to invite the entire list either directly as then it just becomes a signal to noise issue18:56
fungiin particular, our community managers have been on the front lines for dealing with these issues, so i'd love to bring some of that perspective18:56
fungiyeah, no need to send an invite, but a one-sentence e-mail saying when/where it was happening would have worked for me (i was watching the ml thread closely to see when it would take place)18:57
TheJuliaWell, if you have a preferred date or time and want to chime in, maybe we'll also have a draft policy to discuss by then18:58
fungii hand-enter things into my calendar anyway, so don't need auto-invite stuff18:58
fungijudging from there are probably other folks who would have wanted to join once a date and time was determined19:00
fungiTheJulia: also i generally don't reply to threads on the board ml because it's moderated and posts from non-directors tend to sometimes sit for months without going through, seems like the foundation ml would be a more appropriate place to discuss public meetings19:04
TheJuliaahh, that would be a reason why not to reply then19:04
JayFI had no awareness this discussion was happening either19:06
JayFAnd likely would've attended even if not actively participated19:06
JayFis a public list?19:10
JayFI've nnever subscribed before because it was not clear, from the description, it is open to non-board members19:10
JayFYeah reading the recap, I think I'd stick solidly to my decision to not use AI-generated tools in any repositories covered by this kinda policy.19:11
JayFsame reason I don't in gentoo: too difficult to make the claims that DCO wants you to make, and especially if it's "DCO in context of you taking responsibility if the AI stole it"19:12
fungiJayF: yes, there's a separate private board ml that is hidden from the index, the public one is open for anyone to subscribe, but if you want to send to it then you need to be a director or wait for a moderator to approve your post19:14

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