Friday, 2021-03-26

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gmannseems  is down(502), i remember it was working last night16:31
fungiyep, it seems to go up and down often. we don't have much control over it16:32
fungithe next time someone catches it in a working state, it might be a good idea to capture an export just in case it doesn't come back up the next time16:33
fungis/don't have much/don't have any/16:33
fungisince that's not the ethercalc service opendev runs, it's someone else16:33
fungior maybe someone can start periodically copying the contents to ethercalc.openstack.org16:34
gmannyeah exporting is good idea, not sure if that is done.16:46
fungidiablo_rojo and wendallkaters don't seem to be in here, i'll sync up with them and suggest it though16:55
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