Thursday, 2021-04-08

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ttxyou probably need op first16:04
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ttxtry again16:05
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diablo_rojooops lol16:06
diablo_rojothanks ttx16:07
ttxhmm is the bot even here16:07
fungiit's not16:07
fungii'll check on it16:07
ttxcome back openinfraptg we still love you16:08
fungithe process is running, last restarted 2021-02-1616:08
fungichecking its debug log16:08
diablo_rojoI really thought we set it up here..16:08
fungiwe did16:09
ttxyes we did16:09
fungidoesn't mean it hasn't gone on vacation though16:09
diablo_rojoEveryone deserves a vacation16:09
diablo_rojoI can understand it wanting to take a break before delving into the PTG16:09
fungiit's receiving pings from card.freenode.net16:10
fungiso it's connected to *a* freenode server at least16:10
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ttx#general       │                   │ *.split)16:11
ttxThu, Feb 2516:12
fungi2021-02-25 10:03:12     <--     openinfraptg ( has quit (*.net *.split)16:12
fungiyeah, just found that in my log16:12
ttxthat's a long split16:12
fungiokay so it never rejoined the channel after it came back i guess16:12
fungii'll restart the daemon for now and we can keep an eye out for repeat performances and maybe work out why it maybe doing that sometimes16:13
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fungi#status log Restarted ptgbot service on eavesdrop.o.o since the bot left channels during a 2021-02-25 netsplit and never returned16:14
openinfraptgfungi: Unknown track 'status'16:14
openstackstatusfungi: finished logging16:14
ttxbot collision woohoo16:14
ttxdiablo_rojo: alright try again16:15
fungiat least they didn't get into a loop talking to each other16:15
ttxSometimes i miss the kickbot fights from the 1990s. But only sometimes16:16
fungiyeah, it got old really fast16:17
openinfraptgdiablo_rojo: Loaded DB from
ttx~motd clean16:18
diablo_rojoLooks like it all worked?16:19
ttxhmm we should pass a clean etherpad table too16:19
diablo_rojoLooks like it generated all of them though?16:19
ttxexcept those that were on override16:19
diablo_rojoOhh I see16:19
ttxlike cyborg:
ttx#cyborg etherpad none16:19
ttxarh no16:20
ttx#cyborg etherpad auto16:20
ttxhere you go. good bot.16:20
ttxsimplest is probably to just clean those manually now16:20
* diablo_rojo gives a treat within two seconds to affirm the good behavior16:21
openinfraptgBot airbag activated: list index out of range16:21
ttx#tripleo etherpad auto16:21
ttxwow that's interesting16:21
ttxoh... hmm16:21
ttxLet me try somethnig else16:22
diablo_rojoLooks like it worked for cyborg?16:22
diablo_rojo#glance etherpad auto16:22
ttxyeah but we inherited things like the track list from the last one. Better to clean it up completely16:22
openinfraptgttx: Loaded DB from
ttxok you;re all set now16:23
diablo_rojoOkay yeah it looks good to go now16:23
diablo_rojoThanks for the extra help ttx!16:23
ttxotherwise it works from the old track list and generated extra etherpads16:23
diablo_rojoYeah it was a longer list for sure16:24
diablo_rojoThis is definitely cleaner16:24
ttxpeople should update the etherpads to match what they have set up16:24
diablo_rojoYeah I plan to send something out about that and the new IRC channel16:25
diablo_rojoWorking on that with wendallkaters16:25
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