Monday, 2021-04-19

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slaweq#neutron next Starting at 1300 UTC with Wallaby retrospective06:21
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kopecmartin#qa next Wallaby Retrospective06:52
kopecmartin#qa next Starting at 1300 UTC with Wallaby Retrospective06:53
kopecmartin#qa clean06:53
kopecmartin#qa next Starting at 1300 UTC with Wallaby Retrospective06:53
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openinfraptgttx: Loaded DB from
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marios#tripleo next Starting at 1300 UTC with a Wallaby retrospective08:45
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ildikov#edge next Starting at 1400 UTC with Intros and Agenda Bashing10:00
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yoctozepto#kolla next Starting at 1300 UTC with Welcome and let's talk Wallaby12:15
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sshnaidm#os-ansible-modules etherpad
gouthamr#manila next Starting at 1600 UTC with a Wallaby retrospective (
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TheJuliattx: no bot?12:41
fungiopeninfraptg is the bot, and it's in here12:43
ttxTheJulia: Looks like your command was executed12:44
fungidid it not reach to your etherpad change (note it's mostly silent except acknowledging admin commands, to keep the noise to a minimum)12:44
fungiyeah, looks like it worked12:44
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ttxIt's either dead or working #hardops12:45
ttxBut ever since we equipped it with an airbag, it's been pretty solid :)12:45
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fungimoroe descriptive than a parachute12:46
fungier, more12:46
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TheJuliaInteresting, it took a while for it to make that change, or my reload just managed to never actually reload in the browser12:48
TheJuliaanyway, it is all good now \o/12:48
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kopecmartinare we supposed to 'claim host' for sharing screen? what's the password?12:52
TheJuliaModerators should have gotten an email with the session moderator passwords last ?thursday? or ?friday?12:53
ttxkopecmartin: moderators should have received an email with the details. Please send me a direct message with your room name12:53
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ttxok, problem solved :)12:55
gmannkopecmartin: that should be with subject 'vPTG April 2021 Moderator Details!'12:56
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ttxOK we are live13:01
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kopecmartin#qa now Wallaby Retrospective13:04
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kopecmartin#qa next Starting approx 1345 UTC Migration of devstack and Tempest tests to new secure RBAC13:05
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slagle#tripleo now Wallaby retrospective13:06
gouthamr#interop etherpad
openinfraptggouthamr: Unknown track 'interop'13:07
gouthamr#interop-wg etherpad
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openinfraptgpriteau: Unknown command ''. Did you mean: scientific-sig now ?13:07
priteau#scientific-sig etherpad
slagle#tripleo next at 1340 Plan/Swift removal update13:08
priteau#cloudkitty now Starting up13:08
slagle#tripleo next Starting at 1340 Plan/Swift removal update13:08
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slaweq#neutron now Starting at 1300 UTC with Wallaby retrospective13:10
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slaweq#neutron next Secure RBAC with the QA team13:13
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diablo_rojo~motd add info Having issues getting connected? Please reach out to us (diablo_rojo, wendallkaters, or ashferg) in the #openinfra-events channel on IRC or by email to ptg@openstack.org13:15
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timburke#swift book Ocata-WedB113:16
openinfraptgtimburke: Room Ocata is now booked on WedB1 for swift13:16
timburke#swift book Ocata-WedB213:16
openinfraptgtimburke: Room Ocata is now booked on WedB2 for swift13:16
timburke#swift unbook Juno-WedB113:16
openinfraptgtimburke: Room Juno (previously booked for swift) is now free on WedB113:16
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ttx~motd add Thanks to the Open Infrastructure Foundation Platinum and Gold members who make this event possible!
openinfraptgttx: Incorrect message level 'Thanks' (should be info, success, warning or danger)13:17
ttx~motd add info Thanks to the Open Infrastructure Foundation Platinum and Gold members who make this event possible!
slagle#tripleo clean13:20
slagle#tripleo now Wallaby retrospective13:20
slagle#tripleo next Starting at 1340 Plan/Swift removal update13:20
slagle#tripleo etherpad
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priteau#cloudkitty url
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priteau#cloudkitty now Discussing agenda13:25
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marios|ptgthanks slagle13:27
marios|ptgso our meeting just timed out13:30
marios|ptgi got kicked out i think everyone did13:30
bshepharhaha yeah. We got kicked13:30
fungiwhich room?13:30
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fungimarkllama: markllama: bshephar: ?13:30
rlandy|roveryep - we're kicked out of diablo13:30
gmannyeah same in QA13:30
fungidiablo_rojo: wendallkaters: ashferg: ^13:30
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markllamafungi: confirming with marios|ptg13:31
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hberaud#relmgt url
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hberaud#relmgt etherpad
sean-k-mooneyhum so the 10 min meet time cap are really a thing in zoom13:32
sean-k-mooneyi guess we will be moving to jitsi13:32
diablo_rojolooking into the issue now everyone!13:32
diablo_rojolooking into things now13:32
ttxsome zoom rooms seem to continue fine...13:32
ttxanyone else getting kicked, besides cactus and Diablo?13:33
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ildikovdiablo_rojo: ttx: there's a "remaining meeting time" on the Zoom screen for the Austin room and it's less than 5 minutes now13:37
abhishekk#glance url
yoctozeptoliberty here13:37
ildikovit's the interop room13:37
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yoctozeptowe got kicked out13:37
diablo_rojoildikov, damn. Alright. I'm looking at stuff in the zoom admin13:37
yoctozeptodue to "free" session13:37
diablo_rojoyoctozepto, what room?13:37
ildikovttx: lol, yeah13:37
yoctozeptodiablo_rojo: mentioned^ liberty13:37
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ttxI would recommend switching to meetpad before the countdown runs out so that you communicate the switch13:38
abhishekk#glance etherpad
ttxwhile we investigate wtf13:38
diablo_rojoYes that. ^13:38
diablo_rojoPrecisely that ^13:38
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slaweq#neutron now Secure RBAC with the QA team13:39
slaweq#neutron next Deprecate iptables_hybrid firewall_driver and the hybrid plug13:40
ildikovdiablo_rojo: ttx: warned people13:40
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yoctozepto#kolla now Incomplete Wallaby actions13:40
ildikovdiablo_rojo: ttx: Arkady said something about seeing a warning that after x amount of time Zoom will switch over to paid from the free version13:42
gouthamr#interop-wg url
kopecmartin#qa now Migration of devstack and Tempest tests to new secure RBAC13:43
ildikovdiablo_rojo: ttx: I have the edge one starting soon so can look out for warning messages like that in the Mitaka room13:43
ttx~motd alert Zoom meetings seem to end abruptly after a limited time. Advising teams to use our Kitsi instance at instead.13:43
openinfraptgttx: Unknown motd subcommand alert13:43
ttx~motd warning Zoom meetings seem to end abruptly after a limited time. Advising teams to use our Kitsi instance at instead.13:43
openinfraptgttx: Unknown motd subcommand warning13:43
ttx~motd add alert Zoom meetings seem to end abruptly after a limited time. Advising teams to use our Kitsi instance at instead.13:43
openinfraptgttx: Incorrect message level 'alert' (should be info, success, warning or danger)13:43
gouthamr#interop-wg now Discussion of 2020.11 guideline Community Results and the Marketplace13:43
ttx~motd add danger Zoom meetings seem to end abruptly after a limited time. Advising teams to use our Kitsi instance at instead.13:43
fungittx: maybe also spell it Jitsi?13:43
ttx~motd add danger Zoom meetings seem to end abruptly after a limited time. Advising teams to use our Jitsi instance at instead.13:43
yoctozepto#kolla url
ttx~motd del 313:44
yoctozeptokitsi <313:44
gouthamr#interop-wg next Interop process review13:45
abhishekk#glance etherpad
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ttxOK looks like the Zoom issue should be solved now13:47
ttxSorry for the teething issues13:48
diablo_rojoZoom strikes again.13:49
gibittx: thanks the cactus room just got upgraded to unlimited! \o/13:49
ttx~motd add warning Zoom confirguration issue resulting in people getting kicked out after 30min should now be solved. Sorry for the inconvenience.13:49
ttx~motd del 313:50
*** ChanServ changes topic to "Now running: Project Teams Gathering"13:54
priteau#cloudkitty now Review of past release13:56
yoctozepto#kolla now General plans for Xena13:57
slagle#tripleo now Plan/Swift removal update13:59
slagle#tripleo next Starting at 1430UTC Ephemeral Heat Update14:00
timburke#swift now container sharding14:00
vishalmanchanda#horizon now Starting at 1400 UTC with Wallaby retrospective14:00
vishalmanchanda#horizon next Migrate horizon & its plugins to the next LTS version of both Django and Nodejs14:01
ildikov#edge now Starting at 1400 UTC with Intros and Agenda Bashing14:01
ildikov#edge next Use cases14:01
vkmcstarting the manila ptg14:02
vkmcoh noes, it's 14 utc.. timezone issues... be back in an hour14:03
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gouthamrvkmc: we'll begin at 1600 in Austin14:04
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vkmcgouthamr, in one hour in essex14:05
vkmcgouthamr, I thought it was 1500 utc now :)14:05
gouthamrvkmc: yep!14:06
vkmctimezones strike again14:06
diablo_rojoidk about gouthamr, but I woke up at 5:30 local14:07
vkmcdiablo_rojo, gouthamr doesn't sleep14:07
gouthamrhahaha necessito mas cafe14:08
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diablo_rojoEstoy tomando te, pero necessito mas.14:10
diablo_rojo(pardon the lazy lack of apostrophes)14:11
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csatariedge now Agenda bashing14:12
csatariHumm, how is this exactly working?14:14
csatari#edge now Agenda bashing.14:14
csatari#edge next Use cases14:17
fungiyep, that updated the site14:18
diablo_rojo#relmgt now Documenting Metadata14:18
priteau#cloudkitty now Break14:21
diablo_rojo#relmgt now Formalize EM/EOL in our Process/Schedule14:21
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slagle#tripleo now Ephemeral Heat Update14:24
slagle#tripleo next Starting at 1510 UTC DF/Networking14:24
diablo_rojo#relmgt now Bad Version Number Handling14:25
vkmcgouthamr, diablo_rojo, ustedes necesitan unos mates14:25
diablo_rojotosky, if you're not busy you're welcome to join us- I see you writing in the etherpad :)14:26
diablo_rojoWe should be coming on the topic shortly14:26
diablo_rojovkmc, quiero terere con limonada!14:28
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diablo_rojo#relmgt now NPM Nightly Tests14:28
diablo_rojotosky, sahara will be up next :)14:29
diablo_rojovkmc, do you only drink mate hot? or cold too?14:29
vkmcdiablo_rojo, both... normally the hot one, the cold one when it's too hot14:29
toskydiablo_rojo: oh, I will keep an eye here, thanks14:30
priteau#cloudkitty now Xena changes14:31
diablo_rojotosky, we are moving fast- if you want to join us I would do it now?14:33
toskydiablo_rojo: oki14:33
fungia tip: if you're going to use meetpad for a session, match your meetpad room name to your etherpad pad name (they need to both be lower-case too)14:34
fungimeetpad automatically shares the etherpad with the same (lower-cased) name as the meeting room name14:34
diablo_rojo#relmgt now Series Lifespans14:34
diablo_rojotosky, we can hop back to the sahara stuff after this- please speak up :)14:35
toskydiablo_rojo: I'm in :)14:35
diablo_rojoI saw :) But wanted to make sure others did as well.14:35
TheJulialbragstad: where can I find the keystone etherpad?14:37
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TheJulia#keystone etherpad
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marios|ptg#tripleo next at 1510 UTC update and planned work networks & ports v2 "no heat"14:40
diablo_rojoTheJulia, there is a page on the bot site with a list of all the etherpads.14:42
vishalmanchanda#horizon now Migrate horizon & its plugins to the next LTS version of both Django and Nodejs14:42
diablo_rojo(for future reference)14:42
TheJuliadiablo_rojo: aware of that, just the link was wrong14:43
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diablo_rojoTheJulia, oh, well that can be fixed and you already did that so nevermind me :)14:48
* diablo_rojo needs more caffeine still14:48
diablo_rojo#relmgt now Sahara -> independent14:52
diablo_rojo#relmgt now Other Xena Things!14:54
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diablo_rojotimburke, are you busy?14:56
timburkediablo_rojo, i'm around -- what's up?14:57
TheJuliadiablo_rojo: caffine++14:57
diablo_rojotimburke, wanna join the release management room quick?14:57
diablo_rojotalking about py2.7 things14:57
diablo_rojoand need swift info :)14:57
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TheJulia#ironic next Do we have additional topics?14:58
slaweq#neutron next Deprecate iptables_hybrid firewall_driver and the hybrid plug - Starting 15:10 UTC14:58
marios|ptg#now tripleo update and planned work networks & ports v2 "no heat"14:59
openinfraptgmarios|ptg: Unknown track 'now'14:59
marios|ptg#tripleo now update and planned work networks & ports v2 "no heat"14:59
TheJulia#ironic now Starting14:59
gagehugo#security-sig now starting15:00
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marios|ptg#tripleo next Ceph Integration Update15:01
gmann#policy-popup now Migrate Default Policy Format from JSON to YAML (All projects)15:02
diablo_rojotimburke, thanks for joining us!15:02
TheJulia#ironic now Do we have any additional topics?15:03
diablo_rojoalso tosky :) Thanks for joining us as well!15:03
TheJulia#ironic next Where are we, and where are we going, Part 1 of 215:03
csatari#edge next Cross community with GSMA15:03
diablo_rojo#relmgt now Meeting Time15:05
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gagehugo#security-sig now open discussion15:06
kopecmartin#qa clean15:06
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ttx~motd del 315:09
diablo_rojo#relmgt now Done! Thanks everyone for coming!15:10
slaweq#neutron now Deprecate iptables_hybrid firewall_driver and the hybrid plug15:10
slaweq#neutron next Future of the linuxbridge driver15:10
csatari#edge now Cross community with ETSI MEC15:11
csatari#edge next Done with the day.15:11
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marios|ptg#tripleo now break for 10 mins15:19
marios|ptg#tripleo next Ceph Integration Update15:19
chaconpiza#monasca now done. Thanks!15:20
slaweq#neutron now Future of the linuxbridge driver15:21
slaweq#neutron next EOD15:21
vishalmanchanda#horizon now Displaying maintenance-related messages to users15:27
TheJulia#ironic now Where are we, and where are we going? Part 1 of 215:28
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priteau#cloudkitty now Done15:31
diablo_rojo#relmgt clean15:31
priteau#cloudkitty clean15:31
ttx~motd del 215:34
marios|ptg#tripleo now Ceph Integration Update15:34
TheJulia#ironic next Outreach15:36
gagehugo#security-sig now break15:36
gagehugo#security-sig next Discussion15:37
TheJulia#ironic now Outreach15:39
kopecmartin#qa book Cactus-TueB215:41
openinfraptgkopecmartin: Room Cactus is now booked on TueB2 for qa15:41
rosmaita#cinder url
rosmaita#cinder color #bebab315:44
gmann#policy-popup now RBAC Secure General discussion15:45
gmann#policy-popup next Horizon cross project sessions on RBAC15:46
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gagehugo#security-sig clean15:49
gagehugo#security-sig now Discussion15:49
bcafarel#neutron now see you tomorrow, same timeslot15:52
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gagehugo#security-sig now Open Topics16:01
gmann#policy-popup now 5 min break16:01
gmann#policy-popup next Horizon cross project sessions on RBAC16:01
vkmc#manila now introductions16:02
vkmc#manila next wallaby Cycle Retrospective16:02
vkmc#manila color #3990EC16:03
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marios|ptg#tripleo now done for today see you tomorrow at 1300 UTC16:04
ricolin#heat etherpad
*** marios|ptg is now known as marios|brb16:04
ricolin#multi-arch etherpad
TheJulia#ironic now Database Performance16:06
gmann#policy-popup now Horizon cross project sessions on RBAC16:06
TheJulia#ironic now 5 minutes break16:06
TheJulia#ironic next Database Performance16:06
ildikov#edge now Done for the day16:06
*** rlandy|rover is now known as rlandy|rvr|biab16:06
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TheJulia#ironic now Database Performance16:11
*** marios|brb is now known as marios|afk16:15
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vkmc#manila now wallaby cycle retrospective16:20
vkmc#manila next outreachy internship proposals for Xena16:20
seongsoocho#swift now Relinker recon dump16:20
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gagehugo#security-sig now done16:31
gagehugo#os-helm etherpad
*** marios|afk is now known as marios16:34
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*** marios is now known as marios|out16:42
seongsoocho#swift now done16:45
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*** raildo has quit IRC16:59
diablo_rojo~motd add warning  We will be back for more meetings at 21 UTC! Thanks Everyone :)17:00
*** marios|out has quit IRC17:07
vishalmanchanda#horizon now Done for the day17:07
gmann#policy-popup clean17:07
vkmc#manila clean17:09
gouthamr#interop-wg clean17:09
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TheJulia#ironic now Done until Later17:42
TheJulia#ironic Next @ 00:00 UTC APAC friendly session w/Virtual Media support validation17:42
johnsom#designate url
johnsom#octavia url
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rpiosoAre the PTG sessions being recorded and posted?19:09
fungirpioso: people generally take notes in etherpads19:10
fungisome teams may also record their sessions, not sure, in most cases i think someone would be doing that client-side if so19:11
rpiosofungi: I am interested in the latter type of recording :-) I thought perhaps it was being consistently done across all projects.19:13
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fungirpioso: since projects are using various platforms to hold their discussions, consistency is unlikely19:15
rpiosofungi: Gotcha. Thank you!19:15
TheJuliarpioso: some people like PTGs being recorded, some people absolutely hate doing such, and often recordings of such situations also memorializes and makes the discussion be able to be less open in terms of sharing context due to worries about things being taken out of context of the moment.19:21
rpiosoTheJulia: Understood, but some people are not able to attend. Etherpads do not capture as much as recordings would.19:22
TheJuliaTrue, but there is a reason we also ask for people to try and take verbose notes along with consensuses reached.19:24
fungiand also summarize or reraise the discussions on the mailing list19:25
openinfraptgTheJulia: Unknown user command. Should be: in, out, seen, or subscribe19:25
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diablo_rojo#edge clean20:40
diablo_rojo#horizon clean20:40
diablo_rojo#monasca clean20:41
diablo_rojo#swift clean20:41
diablo_rojo#security-sig clean20:41
diablo_rojo#swift clean20:41
diablo_rojo#neutron clean20:41
diablo_rojo#tripleo clean20:41
fungiso clean20:42
diablo_rojosqueaky clean :)20:43
fungiand minty fresh20:43
diablo_rojo#kolla clean20:46
diablo_rojo~motd del 221:04
*** jparoly has quit IRC21:04
lbragstadrosmaita is there  cinder session tomorrow for secure RBAC?21:10
lbragstadi'm showing one here
lbragstadbut i don't see it on the cinder etherpad21:11
rosmaitai thought it was wednesday at 1300 ?21:11
lbragstadwednesday we have glance secure RBAC/policy from 1400 - 1700 UTC21:12
lbragstadwe could do it wednesday at 130021:13
lbragstadi think?21:13
rosmaitacould you?21:13
lbragstadglance sessions are from 1400 - 1700, so we can try to squeeze it in the hour before all that starts21:13
rosmaitaif you don't mind that would be great21:14
lbragstadyeah - i think that will work21:14
lbragstadok - i updated accordingly21:14
rosmaitathanks, sorry i missed that21:14
lbragstadno worries - we got it21:14
rosmaitafor some reason i was thinking wednesday21:14
lbragstadit's not like we don't have north of 10 session on RBAC this week21:14
rosmaitayou are probably dreaming in policy language at this point21:15
lbragstads/dreaming/having nightmares/21:15
lbragstadsince 2016 :)21:16
fungiopenstack policy: in your nightmares since 201621:21
*** apevec has quit IRC21:29
fungiwas anyone else planning on joining the fcsig call, or am i dialled into the wrong room?22:01
diablo_rojo#first-contact now starting up! Come join us!22:01
diablo_rojofungi, joining now22:01
fungihah, excellent timing!22:01
diablo_rojospotz, joining us?22:03
spotzdiablo_rojo: Yep just finished dinner!22:06
*** rafaelweingartne has quit IRC22:20
diablo_rojo#first-contact now OUI Videos22:32
diablo_rojo#first-contact next Sandbox bot22:33
*** ashferg has quit IRC22:34
diablo_rojo#first-contact now Sandbox Bot22:46
diablo_rojo#first-contact book Austin-MonC322:50
openinfraptgdiablo_rojo: Room Austin is now booked on MonC3 for first-contact22:50
*** rlandy|rover has quit IRC22:56
diablo_rojo#first-contact now Done for the day.23:09
diablo_rojospotz, mattoliverau, fungi:
fungitoday's etymology trivia brought to you by the fcsig23:19
*** tosky has quit IRC23:23
diablo_rojoLol yes, you're welcome.23:25
*** armstrong has quit IRC23:29
spotzI actually took etymology:)23:44

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