Tuesday, 2020-04-14

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oneswigGreetings.  Would anyone be interested in coming to a Scientific SIG meeting in a couple of weeks time to talk about what Open Infra labs is about?21:34
fungioneswig: openstack scientific sig specifically, i'm assuming? https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Scientific_SIG21:40
fungii wonder if msdisme or knikolla might be interested or might know who could be21:40
oneswigThat is the one, yes21:40
msdismeSure-offline just now (really :-)!). But will take a look later/tomorrow am.21:42
fungiyou're remarkably online for being offline ;)21:42
oneswigThis would be around this time of day, two weeks from now.  Assuming you're US/Eastern, right?21:43
msdismeA quick peek - looks like a ton of interesting areas for collaboration!21:43
msdismeOnly gotcha for me is I have a Tuesday 6:15 commitment :-/ - if that is a problem I’ll figure out someone who can cover (if I can’t change). (Sorry, TMI :-/)21:45
oneswigmsdisme: what's the time now?21:45
msdisme5:45 pm21:46
oneswigI think the SIG meeting is 5pm for you, hopefully that leaves enough time.21:48
oneswigthanks msdisme, I'm looking forward to hearing more.  Is there a plan to add more material to the website?21:48
msdismeYep -  - really jumping back offline, what timezone ru in?21:50
fungihttp://eavesdrop.openstack.org/#Scientific_Working_Group says the tuesday meeting is 2100z so yeah that's 5pm edt21:51
oneswigI'm channel-hopping in the quiet bits :-)21:52
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