Monday, 2020-05-04

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msdismefungi:  did the change you made mean we have the meeting manager live for openinfralabs - does that mean a bouncer is set up also?17:23
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fungimsdisme: it's not really a "bouncer"17:24
fungiwe publish logs of the channel17:25
fungilinked in the /topic for convenience17:25
fungi(that's getting renamed to at some point in the near future)17:25
fungithat's been in place since 2020-03-27 as you can see from the log history17:26
* msdisme so, to add us to that top level page we follow this instruction set: The IRC meetings schedule is driven by the opendev/irc-meetings repository. To propose a change, please submit a change to that repository in Gerrit.17:28
msdismesorry, did not mean to italicize17:28
msdismeis the convetion to hold meetings in openstack-meeting?17:28
funginah, you can hold meetings in any channel you like17:29
msdismeand if we expect to also do video conf's on occassion is there a preferred place to put those videos?17:29
fungii don't know what folks do for hosting recording of video calls17:29
fungi(or audio for that matter)17:29
fungii think it varies depending on what platforms they're using17:30
msdismeok - I will see if they can go into gitlab or off openinfra web site17:31
fungii think osf has a youtube channel they post some stuff to, like recordings of conference sessions17:32
msdismemaybe even better!17:33
fungibut that's not accessible from mainland china, so i think they also stick copies somewhere else17:33
msdismegot it17:33
fungithere's a proposed spec in opendev for possibly hosting a node in
fungithough we haven't seen significant interest in that yet17:34
bburnsHi fungi, Thought I should say hi, I am Bill Burns from Red Hat, working with msdismr on this...17:35
fungihowdy bburns!17:35
fungican't remember if we maybe met at ocw, though i'm pretty sure i've conversed with you by e-mail17:36
msdismeok, entering the "even more naive question zone" - meetbot/supybot  is installed (at least, I think you did that??)  - so if we want to hold the meeting in this channel where do the logs go?  same place you identified?17:36
bburnsCould be...both even...;-)17:36
hewbroccabburns and I are old OpenStack hands fungi17:36
fungiahh, cool. i'm terrible with names ;)17:37
bburnsSame here...and fungi was not obvious! ;-)17:37
hewbroccaI used to run a lot of our OpenStack eng at RH, and bburns led the OPNFV team17:37
hewbroccaamong many other things17:38
fungimsdisme: yeah, meeting logs and minutes are also hosted from the same server, but under a different tree based on the meeting "name"17:38
fungiindependent of the channel in which they're held17:38
bburnsWell, not to be confused with Mike Burns, who is Mr release for Openstack.. ;-)17:38
fungimsdisme: so for example the opendev sysadmin nee openstack-infra team meeting logs and minutes are at
fungithe meeting name in that case is "infra"17:41
fungiwhatever is passed to the #startmeeting command17:42
fungiso if you `#startmeeting oilabs` then you'll get meeting logs and minutes appearing under
msdisme(I was hunting up the #startmeeting command with Bill's help before throwing on your mercy :-))17:42
msdismecool - so we would have one for oilabs perhaps, different one for operatefirst, etc ?  and need to be good about keeping the name convention the same.17:43
fungiyep, that would work17:43
fungithat's where we maintain some notes on the meetbot plugin for supybot right now17:44
msdismecool - so, we will figure out a schedule, do the gerrit request, and let the fun begin :-)17:44
fungithe irc-meetings schedule entry is optional, by the way. that's just to make it easier for people to find the date and time info, and it also produces calendar files people can import into their personal schedules17:45
fungimeetbot doesn't really care if your meeting is on time, or scheduled at all17:46
fungias i mentioned in the tools thread recently, the opendev sysadmins are also using it to record scheduled maintenance activities17:48
fungias an example17:50
msdismeso it records logs too:?17:50
fungiyep, the full logs link at the top of the minutes page will take you to them17:51
fungiand every line has an anchor (the minutes make use of that too, so you can link straight to that point in the conversation)17:51
fungihere's a good example of where the openstack nova team makes extensive use of meeting topics:
msdismeSo, do agendas get posted first, then pasted in after startmeeting?17:54
fungihere's an openstack technical committee meeting which made use of action items:
fungiusually folks write up agendas somewhere (mailing list, etherpad, wiki article, whatever...) and then link to them at the start of the meeting17:56
msdismegot it - is there already an etherpad assocaited with this space?17:56
funginot really, etherpad names are arbitrary so you can pick whatever you like or just take an autogenerated random one17:57
msdismehave you seen them work well for fleshing out epics an stories?17:58
fungiit really depends. i've seen them excel at collaborative note-taking18:01
fungifor collaborative authoring of prose it's also fairly workable18:01
fungiif you need something with more permanence or well-defined revision control, that's what git's for18:01
fungietherpads make great scratch space for temporary brainstorming and drafting stuff though18:02
fungialso we have a related service:
fungibasically the same except for spreadsheets18:02
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msdismecool - Bill and I were thinking it woud be a good way to start fleshing out an epic - we'll coordinate with you tomorrow, if that is ok, to find a time that you will also be available :-)23:48
msdismelarsks: ,knikolla23:51
msdismenaved001:  thoughts on an epic you'd like to see a focused collaborative meeting on - eg. monitoring23:52

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