Friday, 2020-05-08

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msdismefungi: are there limits on how many people may work in an opendev etherpad at the same time?16:00
fungimsdisme: if there are, we haven't hit it16:01
fungii mean, there are logical limits where it becomes a too-many-cooks sort of problem16:01
fungibut we've had 100+ people on a single pad in the past, granted most aren't making edits at the same times and are usually editing different areas of the text16:02
msdismebut if 20 people are in the doc and 3 are working on 1 section, a diff. 3 on another, 5 on a third section etc?16:02
msdisme((I hope we have this problem some day :-))16:02
fungiyeah, that should work just peachy16:02
fungikeep in mind you'll want to export/backup content... it's a little too easy for people to blow stuff away in there and occasionally the timeslider can get confused. we've also seen some browser extensions (especially auto-translation sorts of extensions) go haywire in pads16:04
fungiif you do get a pad into a weird state (not common, but it does happen... it's software and all software has bugs) then just let us know and we have an administrative api and access to its database, as well as daily backups of the data for the server16:05
msdismeBill and I were thinking to use combination of IRC and an etherpad to "flesh out" stories before taking them to git - do you mean we should do backups every few minutes?16:05
funginah, but maybe when you get to certain checkpoints/milestones in your work, you might want to export the page to a local file or just copy/paste stuff from it16:06
msdismegot it16:06
fungiin most cases, if someone does blow content away, you can use the timeslider to look back at a time before that and copy the text from there and paste it back in16:06
fungibut it's not like a revision control system where you can easily revert specific edits16:07
msdismegot it16:07
fungimost people don't, it's rarely an issue, i just tend to be overly cautious (that's probably how i ended up as a sysadmin)16:14
* msdisme leifmadsen added some topic areas to For an IRC next week focused on Establish an Architecture for the Monitoring Platform: Bill and I wanted to get folks feedback on how to make the meeting most effective - our straw person for feedback: 20:43
* msdisme 20:43
* msdisme In IRC:20:43
* msdisme 1. Have a few high level story subject lines we share - ( I will put the ones Leif added below)20:43
* msdisme 2. Spend 15 minutes of brainstorming for other 1 line subjects20:43
* msdisme 3. Copy those into a shared etherpad and have a few "coordinators" help organize all the thoughts in the etherpad stories and then move them to gitlab stories. 20:43
msdismeLeif's additions: what are the things desired from a monitoring platform?20:46
msdisme*what kind of information is expected (is just metrics enough? what other data types do you require?)20:46
msdisme*what kind of presentation layer is expected? do you just need a dashboard that shows graphs, or do you need more *detailed analysis, and what might that look like if you do?20:46
msdisme*how can the operational knowledge be conveyed? are there a default set of rules that can be provided out of the box as *it were? what defines a "healthy cloud"? what defines a cloud that is degraded? what is the remediation path, such as *alerting a human, or are there systems that can fix the cloud automatically?20:46
msdisme*are closed-loop systems different from monitoring? are they different planes? are they similar but have different scopes?20:46
msdisme*what is the expected resolution of metrics? sub-second? 5 seconds? 30 seconds? minutes?20:46
msdismeI think these may break into a diff epic /stories vs. the "architecture" of what are we running on/where is data collected - like to hear others thoughts.20:47
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