Friday, 2020-06-05

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fungijust a heads up, the osf usually coordinates a cross-community conference call roughly once a month to provide updates on various topics. once a quarter they like to make it a status update on each major community they're representing, the next being june 25 (a thursday) at 15:00-16:00 utc (11am-noon edt). this will be the first one since the oilabs effort really got off the ground, so early next week17:42
fungiallison price is going to send a call for volunteers to the oilabs ml hoping to get someone to help put together and present a slide about oilabs for roughly 5 minutes of that call17:42
fungiif anybody's interested in working on that, be on the lookout for that e-mail (likely will show up on monday)17:43
fungii'll try to remember to link it in here too17:43
fungiit'd be a very high-level overview, not a lot of content, we've got a few weeks to settle on something17:45
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