Monday, 2020-06-08

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msdisme__thanks for heads up on note from Allison - do you know what email they use - want to make sure I whitelist it :-)17:49
fungii'll likely be from her personal address, but i think she was planning to subscribe to the ml first anyway17:53
fungier, it'll likely be17:53
fungii'll keep an eye out for moderation notifications anyway17:53
msdisme__I’ll keep an eye out.  Also gonna nudge about Kate (after checking my email :))17:54
fungimuch obliged! would love to get that discussion rolling18:00
fungichameleon seems like a great crowd, would be cool if they're interested in helping18:00
fungiwe've got mutual friends via other channels, which is how the topic came up18:01
fungimsdisme__: she did subscribe before sending it to the list, so it went straight through a few minutes ago19:22
msdisme__cool - thx!19:54
fungiyou bet20:00

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