Wednesday, 2020-11-18

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fungisince dns management was mentioned as a potential starting point for openops, i added a bunch links to the meeting notes about how opendev is doing that:
fungihopefully that's of help to someone, at least as a model for how it can work15:44
fungithe end result is that someone proposes a change to the dns records in a zone, it's tested to make sure it can load and propagate (via test nameservers spun up by the ci system), then once it's approved and merges the same playbooks used to test it are also used in deploying the change15:51
larsksfungi: is there like a  cheat sheet somewhere that describes the relationship between the .zuul.yaml in the repo itself vs the project config repository vs the zuul jobs repository vs the system-config repository?16:05
fungilarsks: zuul's documentation maybe... it indexes all {,.}zuul{.yaml,.d/*.yaml} files in every repository it knows about and creates a global job namespace. jobs refer to ansible playbooks within the same repositories but those playbooks can specify to run or inherit from jobs defined in other repositories and can load roles from other repositories than their own as well16:38
fungithe openstack/project-config repository is where zuul's main tenant configuration resides (until we get time to move it into the opendev/project-config repository)16:40
fungiand it also contains some central trusted job and project template definitions for other projects to call on in addition to any jobs of their own they might define separately16:40
fungifrom our infrastructure management perspective, that's mostly self-contained in the opendev/system-config repo and the best entrypoint for seeing what jobs it runs is its project definition:
fungidown around line 182 is where is lists individual jobs to include in the deploy pipeline16:43
fungithe infra-prod-service-.* jobs are our current production service deployment automation16:44
fungithat's growing fairly rapidly as we break more and more services out of puppet16:45
fungilarsks: we've got a (very little) bit written about it at but it could definitely stand to be expanded upon16:52
larsksfungi: thanks for the pointers!16:55
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