Friday, 2020-12-04

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zenkurohi, I was surfing around and fall into open infra initiative, is there any activity regarding this project?08:44
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fungizenkuro: can you be more specific? are you asking whether the openinfrastructure foundation is active? or what's happening with the openinfra labs project?14:41
fungithough the answer in either case is that they're both quite active14:41
fungisee for information on the foundation itself, and for details on this project's focus and activities14:42
zenkurofungi: I was curious about openinfra, since I would like to work on some real world project to get experience.14:51
msdisme__hi Zenkuro - What Jeremy said :-).  Which areas are  you most interested in?     (Also, just realized I should add some links to the Community page to include the Mass Open Cld ( and the New England Research cloud ( which are working on implementations of "clouds in a box" )14:52
zenkuromsdisme, fungi: I visited and started to wonder if it is alive14:53
zenkuromsdisme: devops and data storage's14:54
zenkuromsdisme: mixing in cybersec and cryptography would be even better14:55
msdisme__it's an initiative which is tied to academic researchers - and they are in the end of the semester grading and end of year grant proposal phase of their year :-/.   That translates  into "it may not be getting a lot of love this month 😉14:55
msdisme__let me see if we have a link to the presentation they did at the Open Infrastructure Summit  *me:hunts for a link*.14:57
zenkuromsdisme: many thanks. But dont worry, any way I have back up plan --- writing documentation for zuul =)15:01
msdisme__ - worth noting, the beginning part is a lot of gettting set up .   Presentation starts at 5:4415:01
zenkuromsdisme: can you give a name? it kinda... kicks me to a list of all presentations15:03
zenkuromsdisme: found =) ctrl-f is almighty =)15:17
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