Tuesday, 2019-09-24

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gundalowmnaser: dmellado dmellado Did you want to do OpenStack triage/hacking in Room 216 tomorrow?18:20
mnasergundalow: I would say sure, I think zuul is having a thing too so colocating near by is nice18:24
gundalowthere are 40 chairs and projector18:27
dmelladogundalow at what time would be it?19:07
gundalowdmellado: don't mind. the room is free all day19:08
dmelladoack! thanks!19:08
* gundalow checks agenda19:08
gundalowSo there is a Zuul talk at 1pm tomorroe19:10
gundalowso maybe 10-12 tomorrow?19:11
gundalowmnaser: dmsimard dmellado Does 10-12 (you can continue longer if you want) work for you and Zuul people tomorrow in Room 21619:12
dmelladopabelanger ^^19:13
gundalowI spoke with Monty etc. So see you at 10am20:08
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