Monday, 2019-12-09

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mordredsshnaidm, dtantsur, odyssey4me: WIP Make an OpenStackModule base class
mordredI also put in a patch to announce patches in this channel17:22
mordredthat's an initial stab at an idea - put it up for thoughts from folks17:22
dtantsurmordred: do you plan on using the same base for newer modules? because I suspect the auth code there needs rework17:24
dtantsur(at least it failed miserably for me the last time I tried using anything with ironic)17:24
mordreddtantsur: yeah - except I think we should fix auth :)17:24
dtantsurcool! I need to retry my testing with latest ansible.17:25
mordreddtantsur: or - maybe we can even further refactor so that some modules can override an auth method for when that makes sense or something17:25
mordredbefore we get too far down the road with that refactor we need to port in test jobs so we can see what we're breaking :)17:26
sshnaidmmordred, thanks17:26
sshnaidmmordred, I think we have somewhere this job running.. will check17:26
mordredsshnaidm: yah - we've got a job in sdk that does some basic ansible module tests17:29
mordredI think that can likely be copy-pastated17:29
mordredand thne improved, because it's super simple17:29
mordredbut is likely a good starting point?17:29
sshnaidmmordred, yeah, at least something17:30
sshnaidmmordred, will look to enable linters as well17:30
mordred(once we get further, we shoud obviously add bifrost and openstack-ansible and tripleo jobs - but let's wait until we've renamed)17:30
mordredsshnaidm: ++17:30
mordredsshnaidm: also - we can actually hacking/pep8 these now :)17:30
sshnaidmmordred, yeah.. maybe worth to add a whole structure for collections with .keep files?17:31
sshnaidmso that people know where to submit files17:31
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mordredyah. and docs. and release notes. :)17:34
sshnaidmand swags17:36
sshnaidmI think choosing a mascot should be the first priority17:37
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mordredsshnaidm: I'm making a patch to at least run pep8 on things so that we can have a gating job17:55
mordredwhie we work on the other stuff17:56
sshnaidmmordred, cool, thanks17:56
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sshnaidmI think we need to expand it a little, at least to people signed in in etherpad:,members17:59
sshnaidmmnaser, can we do it? ^17:59
mnasersshnaidm: yeah i'm for that.  i added you and ill let you use your discretion :)18:01
sshnaidmmnaser, thanks!18:01
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sshnaidmmordred, I think it's worth to hold on moving modules now, let's wait until namespace and publishing is ready, so we can delete them from ansible immediately. Otherwise we can step into sync hell, to sync patches from github to repo19:18
mordredsshnaidm: that will never be a possibility19:19
mordredsshnaidm: we can *freeze* them upstream once namespace and publishing is ready19:19
mordredbut I don't think we can just delete them can we?19:20
sshnaidmmordred, we delete them and symlink to namespace in galaxy, what will stay there is only 2.9 version19:20
sshnaidmmordred, so people still use it w/o knowing it's deleted, as I understood from gundalow19:21
mordredthey'd need to install the collection from galaxy no?19:21
mordredbut - gundalow is smarter than I am19:21
* gundalow waves19:21
gundalowand reads19:21
sshnaidmmordred, yeah, he mentioned symlink and I thought they shouldn't19:21
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gundalowmordred: once the collection is up and running (ie installable via `ansible-galaxy collection install FOO.BAR`) you can raise a single PR for ansible/ansible which `git rm`'s all the files your moved to collection 2) adds `migrated_to: namespace.collection` in BOTMETA.yml19:23
mordredah - gotit19:23
sshnaidmgundalow, how do I request a namespace btw? I hope "openstack" is available19:24
sshnaidmgundalow, ack, thanks!19:25
mordredI've got openstack already19:26
mordredso I thnk we should be ok on that front19:26
mordredgundalow: ansible-galaxy collection install will result in modiule FOO in that collection being available as now? or simply as FOO? (I think that was still up in the air a bit when we spoke in atlanta)19:27
sshnaidmmordred, oh, nice19:28
sshnaidmmordred, I think we talked about openstack.service_type in the mtg19:29
mordredsshnaidm: I don't think there is any value in having more than one collection19:29
mordredpeople want "the openstack modules" not "the openstack.compute" modules19:30
mordredand they all have the exact same depend - so there's not really much value in installing only some of them, no?19:30
sshnaidmmordred, well, as I see we have already a stuff in openstack namespace19:31
sshnaidmvarious things19:32
sshnaidmso maybe really worth to separate them19:32
mordredthose are all roles19:32
mordredauto-imported from any repo named "ansible-role-$foo" on github - but almost certainly quite stale as that process has never worked well for us :)19:32
mordred(given that we don't really use github)19:32
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mordredso what we should really do is delete what's there  - it certainly shouldn't be depended on by anyone since the plumbing is not maintained (those exist there as a result of me doing investigations as to whether things worked)19:33
sshnaidmmordred, I see.. from user perspective I agree it's better to install one collection, although it may go with a lot of unnecessary requirements19:34
mordredthen - making additional collections for roles and modules for different things like openstack-ansible or tripleo seem completely reasonable19:34
gundalowmordred: If you can always use the FQCN (fully qualified collection name), though if you've set your `collection:` keyword to include `openstack,cloud`, then you can just use `module_name` in your Playbooks19:34
mordredthere is one and only one requirement for any openstack ansible module in th emodule space - and that's openstacksdk19:34
mordredall of them depend on it19:34
mordredand none depend on anything else19:34
mordredgundalow: when you say "set your collection: keyword" - who is your there? is that a person installing from galaxy? or is that us in our galaxy.yaml file?19:35
sshnaidmmordred, it's now :)19:35
sshnaidmmordred, it's users I think19:35
sshnaidmit's kinda "import"19:36
gundalow> To avoid a lot of typing, you can use the collections keyword added in Ansible 2.8:19:36
gundalowyup, `import` is a good analogy19:36
gundalowthey = playbook writers19:36
mordredah - perfect. that's exactly how I'd want that to work19:36
sshnaidmmordred, by deleting "all there" you meant in openstack namespace in galaxy?19:37
mordredsshnaidm: so - just to be clear from earlier - I think there should be one and only one collection that contains the equiv of the current os_ modules - and any new similar ones we grow - and all of those should be built on top of sdk and not any other libraries to keep everything streamlined. BUT - I think there could certainly be additional collections that contain other things that are more19:38
mordredspecific (and probably more operator focused)19:38
mordredsshnaidm: yes - those roles in the openstack namespace in galaxy are only there accidentally and by happenstance, not by any actual supported process19:39
mordredwe can just leave them and ignore them like we have been doing of course19:39
mordredbut I do worry that someone is going to start using them and then get confused if they don't update or something similar19:39
sshnaidmmordred, well, it's up to you, maybe better to clean if they aren't used19:40
mordredofficial openstack releases of software depending on github is bad thing. but - that's where collections make this awesome - since we can publish directly from zuul - so ay roles that need to be published can go that route19:40
mordredsshnaidm: yah. that's sort of where I was leaning - but should probably make sure with odyssey4me and mnaser that nobody is using those anyway19:41
mnasermordred, sshnaidm cant we just add a warning?19:42
mordredfor which thing?19:43
mordredthe galaxy roles?19:43
mordredI just double checked - anything that's there got imported 2 years ago and never updated19:43
sshnaidmwe can delete them and listen if there are yellings..19:44
sshnaidmmordred, all that seems reasonable to me, though I'd like to raise up versioning and naming in Thu meeting again, to have more acknowledgment from various projects19:44
sshnaidmmordred, I think maybe it worth to move them keeping the history?19:45
mordredyeah - sorry I wasn't there this past thursday - too much plague19:45
gundalowwhere did "depend on GitHub" come from?19:45
mordredsshnaidm: I mean - all of those roles still exist in git repos - which is how people should be installing them19:45
mordredgundalow: the old role import mechanism is "import role from github"19:45
mordredthe new collection upload mechansim solves this issue for us :)19:46
gundalowI think I mentioned this before PaulB has already got publish Collections via Zuul woring19:46
mordredwe'll definitely be swiping that from him19:46
mordredhe's also getting speculative roles with galaxy going too - very excited about it19:46
sshnaidmmordred, just fyi what we talked about:
mordredsshnaidm: thanks!19:51
mordredsshnaidm: I think 3 isn't *quite* accurate - but I think we should talk about that on thursday so we can get to final clarity19:51
mordredbut thanks for writing that up!19:52
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sshnaidmmordred, why not?20:01
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mordredmaybe I still missed something20:09
mordredgundalow: when you mentioned migrated_to: in BOTMETA above ... does that have some sort of symlink magic associate with it?20:10
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gundalowmordred: that's in ansible/ansible20:10
mordredmy understanding from reading the various things is that on upgrade to 2.10 a user will need to update their playbooks to have a collection: entry in it and also will need to install the collection, right?20:11
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mordred(or they will need to update their playbooks to use fully-qualified names)20:12
gundalowunknown, we hope to have some "kitchen sink" installer and some magic so 2.9 playbooks will work out of the box with 2.10 (Ansible Community Distribution)20:12
mordredso with the botmeta change in ansible/ansible it could allow people to do the kitchen sink installer and that installer would know what additional collections to install20:13
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sshnaidmgundalow, ^^ will it just install all collections in botmeta together with ansible?20:41
sshnaidmI think it's logical to do20:41
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gundalowsshnaidm: that's the hope :)20:55
gundalowmordred: yup20:55
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