Friday, 2020-03-20

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openstackgerritSagi Shnaidman proposed openstack/ansible-collections-openstack master: Add dependencies for long jobs on linters
openstackgerritSagi Shnaidman proposed openstack/ansible-collections-openstack master: Add rocky, stein jobs
sshnaidm|offmordred, dtantsur odyssey4me ^^10:48
trembledtantsur, mordred, Is there any way to prevent the OpenStack SDK proxy from sending "id" as part of a PUT?  Keystone's throwing errors at me when I try to create an object :
dtantsurtremble: I think I did it for ironic at least once.. lemme see12:11
dtantsurtremble: to False?12:16
dtantsurmmm, no, probably no12:17
dtantsurthe Introspection resource is essentially in the same boat:
dtantsurtremble: okay, after a more careful consideration, it seems a missing feature in the SDK12:25
dtantsurI can look into it after lunch12:25
dtantsurI guess introspection works currently because ironic-inspector ignores incoming bodies :D12:25
trembledtantsur, Bother I had a horrible feeling that might be the case.  Thanks12:38
mordredyay missing feature!12:54
* tremble attempts to wrap his head around the body generation code.13:14
* tremble cheers as he finds self._body._dirty.discard("id")13:26
dtantsurtremble: yep, you can even just hack it in your code13:33
trembledtantsur, Not so easy with create13:33
dtantsurmordred: I think we should discard id from body every time required_id==True, wdyt?13:34
dtantsurI doubt any service requires sending the ID twice (in the URL and in body)13:34
mordreddtantsur: I think that's a great idea13:34
dtantsurtremble: wanna try a patch with ^^^ or should I?13:34
trembledtantsur, I have a patch which would only do it on create, but can try when required_id==True13:35
dtantsurtremble: it should probably go to _prepare_request in resource.py13:35
* tremble nods13:35
* tremble tries to have a quick look for potential side effects before blowing everything up.13:39
trembleOk, requires_id drops the ID onto the request URI, I guess all we can do is try it and see if anything explodes...13:40
dtantsuryeah, so my idea is that if the ID is in the URI, we can remove it from the body13:42
-openstackstatus- NOTICE: Gerrit ( will be down for maintenance starting at 14:00 (in less than 20 mins), probably until 15:00 UTC13:42
dtantsurno gerrit any more, let's go home13:43
trembledtantsur, /me looks around.  Damn this work from home, I'm already there13:44
trembledtantsur, I have no idea where to add tests for this change...13:47
dtantsurtremble: there must be something in where we create simple resources to test with13:48
dtantsuroh, fun, we explicitly test that what breaks you works:
dtantsurwe need to change the test.. or reflect again on why it was added13:49
trembledtantsur, I could also submit my less invasive version which only drops it if explicitly requested?13:50
dtantsurtremble: we could have a resource-level flag, something like create_add_id_in_body (invent a better name)13:51
tremblewould be what I was working on...13:51
* tremble hugs git which still had his change as cherry-pick-able 13:54
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