Sunday, 2020-03-29

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odyssey4mejrosser noonedeadpunk I remember that you guys expressed interest in modifying & updating the rabbitmq modules in ansible. Please take a peek at - it's the new collection for rabbitmq. I welcome assistance with getting the migration to a collection completed.14:20
odyssey4mejrosser: I think you might also be interested in helping out with - any contributors are, of course, welcome! :)14:21
odyssey4meI have CI working on both, but coverage is pretty poor at this stage. I've registered issues for things that need doing.14:21
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noonedeadpunkodyssey4me: nice! thanks for taking care about it! I saw you've just closed corresponding PR on github17:07
odyssey4menoonedeadpunk: yep, it's just parity with what was in ansible/ansible - which isn't all that much... but it's a start17:07
sshnaidmlibvirt modules are so tiny, relative to what libvirt provides or for example terraform libvirt module17:29
sshnaidmand it's from the same company as Ansible, so unclear why it's neglected17:30
mordredcross-org ownership is an unfortunate gap17:31
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