Tuesday, 2020-03-31

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trembledtantsur mordred Anything more I can do to help get the reviews through on my new modules?12:53
trembleOr are things just waiting on you guys having some free cycles?12:54
dtantsurfinish a human cloning technology? :) I'll try to get to them today12:54
dtantsurdo the pass the CI?12:54
gtemayou might make a gift and present us time :D12:54
dtantsur* a sacrifice12:54
gtemathis is also an option12:55
mordredmmm. sacrifices12:55
mordred(they're also on my list for today)12:55
trembleOk :)12:55
dtantsurmordred: sacrifices or the patches?12:58
mordreddtantsur: yup12:58
dtantsurwhat exactly is on your list, I'm worried?12:58
gtemapatch the whole world (giggle)12:58
* mordred lives in New Orleans - sacrifices are always on the list12:58
dtantsuroh, sounds totally appropriate indeed12:59
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sshnaidmthe meeting in 1 hour, just a reminder14:00
sshnaidmand here we go15:00
sshnaidm#startmeeting ansible-sig15:00
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sshnaidmhi all, who is available today?15:00
* cyberpear eavesdrops15:01
* mordred waves15:01
sshnaidmok, let's move on15:02
sshnaidmno specific agenda for today, I'd like to give some updates from Ansible15:02
sshnaidmI've been on Sunday Ansible contributors virtual mtg, we talked about collections15:02
sshnaidmso all community modules should be part of ACD (Ansible community distribution), which will be released much more frequently than half-year release of Ansible15:03
sshnaidmhow it will sync with all releases of various modules is not clear yet15:03
dtantsuran openstack-style coordinated release?15:04
mordreddtantsur: it seems the process is that they pull in the collections when they build ACD tarball15:04
sshnaidmdtantsur, that's unclear currently what will be a cadence15:04
sshnaidmyeah, kind of15:04
sshnaidmI'll post lately some links with WIP ideas from Ansible folks15:05
* mordred has a crazy thought related to releases for us to come back to in a bit15:05
mordredonce the actual ACD build process is nailed down - I'd like to run at least some part of the ACD build in our jobs so we can test that we're still working with what they're expecting15:05
sshnaidmmordred, yeah, it seems reasonable15:06
sshnaidmI hope other modules won't break ours and this is independent system15:06
sshnaidmbut building ACD with our latest code seems a good test for me15:07
sshnaidmjust need to understand how things are taken into ACD15:07
mordredwhich I think means it needs to be defined first - since that's still WIP for them ;)15:08
sshnaidmand I must to admit openstack ansible modules are in good shape unlike many other modules..15:08
sshnaidmmordred, yep15:08
sshnaidmat least from CI and tests perspective15:09
sshnaidmwhich takes I to next point15:09
sshnaidmI think we're all covered in all branches except of rocky15:09
dtantsurRocky is EM, right?15:09
mordredextended maint15:10
dtantsurextended maintenance15:10
mordredand yeah - I don't really think people shold be doing much with rocky openstacksdk15:10
mordred(I don't really think they should be doing much with train openstacksdk - but I know I'm going to lose that battle)15:10
cyberpearI'm using it because Queens is too old.15:11
dtantsurtrue vikings consume only master15:11
mordredwell - just as a quick reminder for everyone who might not know - latest sdk should ALWAYS work with *all* older versions of openstack15:11
cyberpearand RH doesn't ship any newer SDK than Rocky for RHEL715:11
mordredit is not necessary to install an sdk matching your version of cloud15:11
mordredcyberpear: yeah - that I can't help with - and is a fair reason to use it ;)15:11
sshnaidmwhile rocky is blocked for incoming patches including breaking patches, I'm fine :)15:12
sshnaidmbut better to settle it15:12
sshnaidmit's some python deps hell there15:12
sshnaidmnothing serious15:12
mordredyeah- I am not opposed to fixing those15:12
mordredhaving CI jobs able to work is not a bad thing, even if it's in EM15:13
dtantsur"not a bad thing" :)15:14
sshnaidmand for testing new features of SDK with current modules I pass openstacksdk version to test roles: https://review.opendev.org/#/c/715620/15:14
sshnaidmplease use it for now, until we come with a better solution15:15
sshnaidmmordred, can we have something pushed to galaxy already? like 0.x version15:15
sshnaidmI'm starting to look at building/pushing jobs15:16
sshnaidmso maybe we can set up releasing procedure in the near future15:16
sshnaidmbut I think it's fine to push it manually for now15:17
mordredwe do15:17
mordredalready there15:17
sshnaidmoh, great15:17
sshnaidmwhich version is it?15:18
mordredit's been a bit shaky - there's been issues with the tarball built being inconsistent - so we should make sure we're producing consistent tarballs before we tag anything 1.015:18
sshnaidmok, so we need to add "--pre" like: ansible-galaxy collection install openstack.cloud --pre15:19
sshnaidmuntil it has release 1.*15:20
sshnaidmso that's it for me for now15:21
sshnaidmany topics to talk, folks?15:21
* dtantsur cannot think of anything15:22
* mordred had one - but just spoke with sivel and turns out it may not be a thing15:22
sshnaidmmordred, what was it?15:23
dtantsurstop intriguing us :)15:23
mordredbut the tl;dr is that it's possible to install an ansible_collection as part of the install of a python library15:23
mordredansible scans sys.path15:23
dtantsurvia pip install?15:23
mordredso I was pondering the idea of bundling the collection with sdk15:23
mordredit's a purposefully undocumented feature and is intended to only be there to support ACD15:23
mordredso I think it's best to stay away from that for now15:23
dtantsurgood, undocumented features are never abused by curious people15:24
* dtantsur may be overly sarcastic today15:24
gtemaoh yes, you are15:24
dtantsurnice! I was afraid for a second that I'm always overly sarcastic.15:24
sshnaidmbtw, if you want to install it from git, it's like: git clone https://github.com/namespace/collection ~/.ansible/collections/ansible_collections/namespace/collection15:25
sshnaidmand it should work if you have plain structure in your repo15:25
* dtantsur wonders why collections/ansible_collections, are there any other sort of collections in ansible?15:26
cyberpearnope, it's a known issue15:27
* cyberpear also annoyed by it15:27
sshnaidmseems more like philosophical question15:27
sshnaidmok, so if no more questions, I think we can end the meeting15:28
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sshnaidmthanks all for participating15:28
sshnaidmand back to quarantine..15:28
* dtantsur hopes everyone wore a mask during the meeting15:29
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sshnaidmmordred, hmm.. can you install this collection from galaxy? I have a fail: ERROR! Checksum mismatch for 'ci/run-collection.yml' inside collection at '/home/sshnaidm/.ansible/tmp/ansible-local-220427157t6733h/tmpfs_xmw6x/openstack-cloud-0.0.1-dev83.tar6cygdow1.gz'15:51
sshnaidmbut finally it installs15:53
mordredsshnaidm: yeah - this is the checksum issue I was mentioning15:58
mordredI've got a patch up ...15:58
mordredah - it landed. let me cut another release and see if it's fixed15:58
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openstackgerritDuc Truong proposed openstack/ansible-collections-openstack master: Add properties for os_project  https://review.opendev.org/71526622:00
openstackgerritDuc Truong proposed openstack/ansible-collections-openstack master: Add properties for os_project  https://review.opendev.org/71526622:06

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