Monday, 2020-04-27

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sshnaidmI wonder if zuul supports running modules from a specific collection12:19
sshnaidmmordred, do you know maybe? ^12:19
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mordredsshnaidm: zuul has no support yet for collections in any way12:40
gtemamordred: and publishing is also not yet done, right?12:41
sshnaidmmordred, ack12:41
mordredgtema: oh - that's just me needing to finish putting the creds into a job12:41
mordredI'll try to get that done today :)12:41
gtemano hurry, I was just searching for jobs to reproduce them for my collection and not found12:41
sshnaidmso while we are in 2.9 in zuul, we can use only built-in modules?12:42
sshnaidmI suppose from 2.10 we can use our collection transparently, as it will be built in ansible community distribution12:42
mordredsshnaidm: yeah - if you mean for running openstack tasks from a zuul executor directly - that's totally right12:44
sshnaidmmordred, yeah, from executor12:44
mordredyeah - I imagine we'll want to grow support similar to the current roles: support - but we need to design it, and also figure out what to do about non-module plugins in collections. it's on the todo list for sure12:46
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sshnaidm|afkplease signup to PTG etherpad and add topics you'd like to talk about:
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