Monday, 2021-01-18

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sshnaidm|ruckgtema, take a look please:
sshnaidm|ruckshould be fine now18:15
gtemaI was wondering that you set module_min_sdk_version = 0.51.118:16
gtemathat is not what will work properly18:16
sshnaidm|ruckgtema, it's the next version, isn't it?18:16
gtemanope, there is 0.52 now18:16
gtemaand this will come in 0.53 only18:17
sshnaidm|ruckoh, I see18:17
sshnaidm|ruckinteresting it works somehow.. :(18:17
sshnaidm|ruckok, will change it back to 0.53, at least we ensured tests work18:17
gtemamaybe then 0.52.1 if otherwise doesn't work18:18
gtemabut 0.53 should be released this week18:18
sshnaidm|ruckok, better be safe, let's put 0.5318:18
openstackgerritShnaidman Sagi proposed openstack/ansible-collections-openstack master: Add stack_info module
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