Monday, 2015-06-08

openstackgerritAlex Xu proposed openstack/api-wg: Add guideline for microverion bumping
openstackgerritAlex Xu proposed openstack/api-wg: Add guideline for microversion specification
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alex_xuhi guys, Could this patch enter freeze period?13:00
elmikoalex_xu: is there going to be another patchset, or is final for now?13:08
alex_xuelmiko: it only need some update for commit message. But the reviewer didn't -1 for it. I'm afraid all the +1 and +2 will be clean. Then waiting for more time13:10
alex_xuelmiko: but if we think it's worth to fix, I'm happy with another patchset13:10
elmikoalex_xu: no, that's fine. i just didn't understand the last message.13:10
alex_xuelmiko: sorry for my poor english :(13:11
elmikoalex_xu: i'll make a post about it later today13:11
alex_xuelmiko: thanks a lot :)13:11
elmikoalex_xu: no worries, it's early in the morning for me ;)13:11
alex_xuelmiko: hah, have a good day :)13:12
elmikothanks, you too!13:12
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cdent501 the debate that will not die13:57
ryansbthe bikeshed must be tie-dyed13:58
elmikofunny, i was just responding to the 5xx guidance one14:02
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sdaguenext up is my rebase of all those patches14:04
sdaguecdent: is there a new bit on it?14:04
sdaguehonestly, I was so heads down getting the nova api long form article out, I didn't circle back to it on friday14:04
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cdentsdague: nothing new, just continued feedback from people who want to use 501 for "functionality not available in this instance of this api"14:14
cdentelmiko: it was your latest response to someone that set me looking and then posting that little quip14:15
elmikocdent: i kinda figured it was something along those lines ;)14:16
sdagueis stanek in here?14:16
elmikolooks like not14:16
sdaguebecause I continue to not understand how one can reconcile "501 means POST isn't supported by this server on any resource" with "it could mean something narrower"14:21
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cdentoh dear. I just failed to boil water when making coffee. I might need to take an extended break to locate my brain.14:26
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cdentI ground the coffee, wet the little aeropress filter thing, assembled the pieces, set it up on my cup, poured in the coffee, poured in the water14:29
elmikocold water?14:29
elmikobummer =(14:30
cdentI hear cold brew is pretty good, but I didn't have time for that.14:30
openstackgerritSean Dague proposed openstack/api-wg: http guideline expansion: background
openstackgerritSean Dague proposed openstack/api-wg: add subsection around caching behavior and http
openstackgerritSean Dague proposed openstack/api-wg: add section describing 501 common mistake
sdagueok, rebased14:33
sdaguewith more language in there to hopefully get ahead of the debate.14:33
sdagueI also restacked so the 501 is on top14:33
sdaguethe other two I think were pretty agreed on14:34
sdaguesomeone with +2 on the repo able to hit the rebase button for - ?14:34
elmikoi'll give it a whirl14:35
openstackgerritMichael McCune proposed openstack/api-wg: Added note about caching of responses when using https
elmikomiguelgrinberg: fyi, rebased
sdaguelooks like it was detected as trivial rebase, so all votes were kept14:36
elmikothankfully =)14:37
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openstackgerritSean Dague proposed openstack/api-wg: add section describing 501 common mistake
sdagueI just realized I forgot to finish my last paragraph14:54
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sdagueok, I also just linked the o'reilly book explanation of 501, which maybe further clarifies15:57
elmikonice that they have that book up for free now15:59
cdentThat should help15:59
elmikolet's hope so15:59
cdentI reckon the mindset thing is pretty important for the future though, or we'll just keep having the same detail oriented discussion for each guideline15:59
cdentrather than being having the experience or information to just "get it"16:00
cdentsigh, cedric's response to me16:01
sdagueelmiko: well, it's not exactly up for free, but google book search is "fair use"16:01
sdagueso good enough to footnote16:01
elmikoah, ok. thanks for the clarification16:01
* cdent is not sure where to go now16:01
elmikocdent: yea, i'm not understanding why this is such a sticky point16:02
cdentIf I were the me from about 10 years ago things would not be fun from here on out, but I'm not that guy anymore, so ....16:04
* cdent shrugs16:04
cdentin this particular instance there is confusion over to what an "api contract" applies16:05
cdentbut I'm not sure I can be assed to fight about it16:05
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elmikoyea, i mean, i think i get what cedric is trying to say but i still agree with sdague's assessment. not sure where that leaves me, aside from +1 on the review16:06
cdentcedric is wrong16:07
cdentBut you know, it's the 21st century and declaring someone is wrong just isn't allowed :)16:08
elmikoi'm just acknowledging my lack of depth on this particular point. from my reading, his position still doesn't make sense with regards to the evidence.16:09
cdentI do, however, love the name Cedric16:09
cdentIt is one of several nicknames that got used on me in a chris-rich-environment16:10
sdagueyeh, it's one of the problems of mapping a new use of http onto it post-hoc, hence why I proposed the new http overview introduction to make it clear that it's not going to be an exact mapping, and we need to best effort fit based on being least wrong16:10
elmikosdague: fwiw, it makes sense to me16:11
sdagueactually, the whole status code section at the back of the o'reilly book is pretty useful, I hadn't picked it up in a while.16:12
elmikoi've been using it my go-to reference16:12
sdaguealso, as a pretty interesting data point, the recommended fall back error in rails in it's rest framework is 400, not 500. That's in a "I give up and don't know what to do" case16:13
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cdentusings rails as a guideline for _anything_ is dangerous territory :)16:14
elmikoyea, was gonna say it might not go over well lol16:14
elmikobut interesting none-the-less16:14
sdaguecdent: well, they did get a bunch of this out there before other folks. first to implement wins some times. :)16:15
cdent(to the before other folks)16:15
cdentbut then I guess I tend to define "out there" on a different scale16:16
sdagueyeh, well it was pretty wide spread. And like you said, a lot of this is not just what's on paper by the norms by the implementations that actually exist16:24
elmikosdague: no content arguments from me, but i did find a few grammar nits16:26
sdagueelmiko: ok, cool, there is enough new text in there I assumed there would be some of those16:27
miguelgrinbergelmiko: thx for the rebase16:31
elmikomiguelgrinberg: np, it was sdague's idea. i just wanted to make sure you knew =)16:32
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cdentsigmavirus24: thanks for responding to cedric, I was out of juice16:59
sigmavirus24cdent: I'm always up for a good slap fight when referencing RFC sections17:00
cdentha! :)17:00
sigmavirus24I hate that people keep referencing 2616 too17:00
sigmavirus24So that adds fuel17:00
sigmavirus242616 is dead17:00
sigmavirus24Long live the 6 new RFCs17:00
sigmavirus24+ the one for 30817:00
sigmavirus24whatever that one is17:00
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HenryGCan someone from the API WG take a look at the API proposed here:
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elmikoHenryG: ack, i'll take a look21:41
HenryGthanks elmiko21:43
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elmikoHenryG: i thought neutron was going to be using microversions? (or is that still under debate)21:53
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