Thursday, 2015-07-09

elmikoetoews: have a fun vaca!01:02
etoewselmiko: thx! i'll be around tomorrow but after that gonzo01:03
elmikok, cool01:03
elmikowin 1301:04
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openstackgerritAlex Xu proposed openstack/api-wg: Clarify the return code when conflicting input parameters
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elmikosigmavirus24: hey, do you happen to know which rfc talks about query parameters for http?13:50
sigmavirus24elmiko: well rfc3986 discusses query parameters for URIs13:50
sigmavirus243987 is IRIs13:50
sigmavirus24URLs are URIs but a restricted subset13:50
elmikoexcellent, thanks13:51
sigmavirus24I would presume you're looking for 3986 because I don't recall if the 7230-7235 series talk about query params13:51
elmikocouple questions came up recently about using query params on POST and PUT, just curious to read more13:51
sigmavirus242616 may have but having standardized that elsewhere, it makes sense they would have omitted it13:51
sigmavirus24elmiko: ah, if you're looking for semantics then you are looking for something in the 7230-7235 series13:51
sigmavirus24I forget which one though13:51
elmikook, still, you've reduced my search parameters =)13:52
sigmavirus24no problem13:53
sigmavirus24I need to finish writing up that list for the API wg13:53
sigmavirus24with summaries13:53
sigmavirus24so its easier to look at the topics covered and say "I think it should be in this one"13:53
elmikoooh, that would be nice13:53
sigmavirus24it's a work-in-progress review13:53
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cdentdoes the working group have a position on clients that do not configure themselves by asking keystone for an endpoint?16:12
cdentthat is, do we assume that that is the only legitimate way to find an endpoint?16:13
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ryansbI don't know that we have an official stance as a working group16:20
ryansbbut I'm pretty sure the general OpenStack concensus is "always use keystone, for it is the Source of Discovery Truth"16:21
cdentyeah, that's my understanding too16:21
cdentbut I also want a world where I can use curl :)16:21
ryansbyeah, you use curl to hit up the service catalog16:22
ryansbthen use curl to hit up the endpoint you got back16:22
ryansbyeah, I know16:23
cdentAre browser-based clients presumed to be doing the same kinds of lookups?16:27
cdentOr is there an expectation that the surrounding code which delivers the javascript to the browser wil have already done endpoint lookups?16:27
cdentDo other people think about these things or have I been at the koolaid for too long?16:28
ryansbI'd expect the JS code to do that lookup16:31
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ryansbbut I don't see why you couldn't send the lookup results along with the JS code16:31
stevelleditto. service catalog should be cached client-side16:31
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elmikoadvising the use of keystone's service catalog seems a little out of scope for the wg, imo16:46
elmikoi mean, sure, it's good practice16:46
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cdentelmiko: having a position on and making a guideline about is not quite the same thing :)16:51
cdentwe're in IRC, it's possible to have a position on everything!16:51
elmikolol, good point16:51
elmikomy position would be use the service catalog, unless you have a compelling reason not to16:52
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sigmavirus24I agree with elmiko that client work is a bit out of our scope16:54
sigmavirus24We care about the APIs not the client best practices16:54
sigmavirus24That said, keystone and other services behind an F5 are still a bit ... broken16:54
sigmavirus24So relying solely on that has shown to be problematic without other ways of dealing with it. (See also recent cinderclient discussion on the ML and subsequent patch revert)16:55
sigmavirus24Also, I'm certain Swift would disagree given how much work they put into being able to be deployed sans *any* other OpenStack services16:55
elmikosigmavirus24: imo, that would fall under "compelling reason not to"16:57
elmikolike, you are only using swift and now for sure where the endpoint is16:57
sigmavirus24Yeah sure16:57
sigmavirus24Or you have a load balancer so you only ever need to know one endpoint ever16:58
* notmyname lurks16:58
elmikoright, that too16:59
elmikobut again, following cdent's lead, this is just opinion fodder and i don't think is worthy, or even appropriate, for guideline material17:00
cdentIt's in my consciousness because I've been doing devstack work to make services run on the same host and port with prefixes17:02
cdentwhich according to that gang is the desired default17:03{compute,network,identify} etc17:04
elmikothat's not the default installation expectation though, is it?17:05
cdentIs there such as a thing as a default installation? I don't know17:06
cdentbut from a human usability standpoint a portless single endpoint rather makes sense (whether it is by way of a series of proxies or direct)?17:06
elmikoby default i meant more what is in the offical install/ops guide17:07
cdentI don't think it is now, because it hasn't been easy to do with the eventlet-based api17:07
cdent(unless you used a proxy)17:08
cdentbut in the move to "prefer mod wsgi" then it is becomes more straightforward17:08
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