Friday, 2015-06-19

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openstackgerritKevin Fox proposed stackforge/apps-catalog: Fix Lattice link
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kfox1111can (should?) we put a cors enabled json copy of all the yaml's on the apps server?15:50
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docaedowhat's cors enabled mean? and I would say sure, no problem but it has to be autogenerated at merge (which would be relatively easy, just have to add that to the puppets for app-catalog)16:54
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kfox1111The web server needs to respond in a way that allows ajax calls to fetch the data.17:03
kfox1111specifically, I think we need: Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *17:03
kfox1111agreed. having some hook that just yaml.dump(json.load(open('infile.yaml')), stream=open('outfile.json', 'w')) should work.17:07
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kfox1111might take a little bit to process it.17:33
kfox1111there we go... its up now.17:39
kfox1111docaedo: Once we have the documents json and CORS enabled, I can have that UI pull directly from for content. :)17:43
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j_kingkfox1111: funny I've been working on a horizon plugin as well. :)18:33
kfox1111j_king: Yeah?18:38
kfox1111for the catalog?18:38
kfox1111the new angular horizon code is awesome. :)18:38
kfox1111all of the hard work was in getting the non angular heat ui plugged in.18:38
kfox1111the non heat stuff took less then an hour. :)18:39
j_kingkfox1111: yup. we were basically working on our own version of an app-catalog at about the same time as the app-catalog was being written. :)18:39
j_kingpresently dog-fooding it on our internal cluster @ dreamhost. is yours up on github or some such?18:40
kfox1111yeah. I had talked to the foundation bout wanting an app catalog before the summit, and they knew about it being worked on but weren't telling anyone. I understand it was to have something cool to talk about at the keynote, but kind of was unfortunate too.18:41
kfox1111I can put it there... just realize its REALLY rough. :)18:41
kfox1111just a sec.18:42
kfox1111well... more then a sec... gota do some git adds/removes and then push to a new branch. give me a few.18:44
kfox1111 angular-table-demo branch. I think I got everything added, but it may be missing a file or two. I'm rechecking it out to verify.18:53
kfox1111its weaved into heat at the moment. Its needs a few things pushed into horizon to work, so I'll split those out and upstream them, and move the rest of the bits to a plugin.18:54
kfox1111got a fresh checkout. testing...18:59
kfox1111yup. still seems to work. So I think your good to go. :)18:59
openstackgerritKevin Fox proposed stackforge/apps-catalog: Fix Github links
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docaedokfox1111: catching up on scrollback, video looks great!20:51
openstackgerritMerged stackforge/apps-catalog: Fix Github links
kfox1111thx. :)22:17
kfox1111I posted the code if you want to play with it.22:17
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