Wednesday, 2015-06-24

docaedoSuppose python -c 'import sys, yaml, json; json.dump(yaml.load(sys.stdin), sys.stdout, indent=4)' < glance_images.yaml > glance_images.json would do it00:02
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kfox1111that would work perfectly. I'd leave off the indent=4 though since its just for consumption by the websites. if humans want to read it, the yaml's much preferable.00:15
docaedoUpdated it .. I suspect there might be a better way to make sure pyyaml is available (reviews from infra will set that straight I'm sure)00:51
docaedoalso right now have it just creating the JSONs in /web/static directory same place as the YAMLs00:52
docaedoAH, should update the vhost config if that's where they'll live - but basically I left them there so as to not start creating additional directories outside what comes from the repo00:52
docaedobut expect comments :) will check back in later or else tomorrow, time to round up the boys and eat dinner00:53
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kfox1111docaedo: looking good.15:59
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docaedoI think it's close enough to get some pointed feedback on openstack-infra at least :)17:59
docaedoalthough I can't figure out why centos6 check failed (need to look a lot closer at it)18:00
kfox1111yeah. should be able to just change the url in the horizon plugin to point to it and see if it works.18:15
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kfox1111so has murano created a ui for the app catalog?19:10
docaedoNot exactly - Murano can be told to reference a repository (like app catalog) and then you only need to paste in the name (like io.murano.apps.apache.ApacheHttpServer), then Murano will fetch the asset from the app catalog19:38
docaedoso you can't browse the catalog contents from horizon, but you can use Murano in horizon or murano CLI to fetch things from the app catalog19:39
kfox1111right. I was just confused by saying just click.19:41
kfox1111and the mention of app bundles.19:41
kfox1111both would be awesome, for sure. but I didn't think either of those worked yet.19:41
docaedodoesn't let you just click, but does let you just paste in an application or bundle name (then it fetches everything, including required glance image if it can be found and does not already exist locally)19:42
kfox1111ah. cool.19:43
kfox1111And that ui to paste into is in horizon? ajax?19:44
kfox1111might be able to hook that into the app catalog prototype ui pretty easily. Then you could browse and "install" the murano entries.19:45
docaedoyeah - I doubt it's ajax, I think it just fetches the murano zip file and goes from there -but I can get more info if you need it (maybe this afternoon) .. gotta run right now but will be back in 2hrs or less19:48
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docaedokfox1111: for tomorrows meeting, want to provide update/info on horizon panel efforts?22:18
docaedothat subject might get some others drawn in for the conversation tomorrow (I'm going to update the agenda and send a meeting reminder out shortly)22:19
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kfox1111docaedo: typo in the commit message. modeule23:48
kfox1111can remove the pip include too I think.23:49

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