Monday, 2015-07-06

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* j_king is back from newborn duty.13:41
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docaedoj_king: welcome back, hope everything went well!15:35
j_kingyes, rather well thank you. looking forward to getting involved again. do we have a launchpad/etherpad/logs for stuff I might've missed in the last couple of weeks? :)15:36
docaedoLast weeks IRC meeting is here:
docaedoI am going to send a quick update to the mailing list today with that link and the minutes from the meeting15:37
docaedoShort version though is that I have been on vacation so have not done too much, but am hoping to get the three YAMLs into a single YAML today or tomorrow15:38
docaedothat paves the way for easily adding new asset types15:38
docaedoI have this one pending, for automatically creating JSONs from the YAMLs to help support the horizon panel (and also enables CORS)15:40
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