Friday, 2015-07-10

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openstackgerritJJ Asghar proposed stackforge/apps-catalog: Updated Debian Glance images.
openstackgerritMerged stackforge/apps-catalog: Update OpenShift link on landing page
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j^2docaedo: thanks for the fast review17:37
docaedoj^2: Thank YOU for that addition :)17:40
openstackgerritMerged stackforge/apps-catalog: Updated Debian Glance images.
j^2i should have another by monday/tuesday if i have eventhing planned out17:40
j^2i’m gonna start lurking here, hopefully inject myself in yalls project17:41
docaedoj^2: that's great to hear on both counts :) I've been taking some time off this month so haven't had much time for evangelizing, really glad to hear you're going to get involved17:44
j^2it’s a great idea the app-catalog, it just needs some love17:45
docaedoThings are a tiny bit slow right now but next up is getting single asset file, and then expanding the web site to deal with additional asset types (as needed)17:45
docaedomeanwhile also hoping to see a PoC from one of the glance folks, showing how glance could become the backend for this17:46
j^2this also gives me an excuse to learn heat, which i actaully know nothing about17:46
j^2i’ll be around, don’t hesitate to ping me if you need help with anything. I’ll put yalls meeting on my calander too, and do my best to be theer17:46
docaedoexcellent, I'd love to see more heat assets in here17:46
docaedothat's great, thanks j^217:47
j^2i’m not going anywheren, we can still talk, i just was thinking out loud :P17:47
j^2nice, it’s 1700 UTC, perfect for me :D 1200CDT17:51
docaedocool! any topics you want on the agenda for next week?18:07
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j^2dunno, yet still wrapping me head around what needs to get done :D19:55
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docaedoj^2: regarding what needs to get done, I think that might be the theme of the next meeting - quick recap of where things stand, what the roadmap looks like at the moment, and whoever shows up can start to solidify what we should get done between now and Tokyo summit21:26
j^2rock on makes sense21:26
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