Monday, 2015-07-13

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kfox1111docaedo: you there?15:41
docaedokfox1111: HI :) I'm here16:02
j^2docaedo: you should put some helpful links in the /topic :D16:48
j^2ie: #openstack-chef OpenStack & Chef | | | | | | |
docaedoj^2: ah yeah, thanks, that's a good idea!16:57
j^2i’m here to help :D16:58
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kfox1111docaedo: Had an idea... While I would really really like to see heat templates contributed for all the things, I've been seeing an increasting number of "howto" like things posted around (example, rather then something more direct. Maybe the app catalog should have a howto section that points to those things. its not as good, but way better then doing it without the howto.17:44
docaedokfox1111: you mean link an asset type of "howto" that would tell someone how to deploy something? Or do you mean a new section on the site (like an FAQ except local instead of sending visitors off to the wiki)?17:46
kfox1111asset type.17:47
kfox1111like the heat asset type, excetp the url is inteneded for a human to go read and follow directions manually.17:47
docaedoI could see value there, but I could also see that becoming a disorganized dumping ground for random howtos that are vaguely associated with OpenStack17:48
kfox1111the "human" engine code. :)17:48
kfox1111Just thinking it might be a good way to help boot strap things.17:49
kfox1111people don't go to the catalog for much since there isn't much there.17:49
kfox1111if they go to it for finding howto's, some of them wijll make the howto's into them into templates,17:49
kfox1111and then maybe some of those get contributed back.17:49
kfox1111then no need for howto anymore.17:49
kfox1111if that happens enough, we can get rid of howto's at some point.17:49
docaedolack of content is a concern for sure, but I don't imagine we would see many people making howtos into templates and contributing them back17:51
docaedoTime has been my enemy lately, but I had been thinking about taking some of the heat templates that are floating around out there with appropriate licenses17:51
docaedoand making the minor adjustments required to get them running on "generic" OpenStack environments17:52
docaedoRackspace has a good handful of heat templates that would be great candidates for that (and I think we have at least one or two folks from RAX here sometimes?)17:52
kfox1111I've got a few that I want to contribute too and just haven't had time yet.17:52
* kfox1111 nods17:52
kfox1111Most of what I have is at:
kfox1111I'm not sure how bit rotten some of them are though.17:54
kfox1111I'd really like to get an openstack git repo for them where we can run tests to ensure they work.17:54
docaedowould need an environment to run the tests too, but that's a pretty cool idea18:03
docaedo(would not really have to test what gets deployed IMO, would be good enough just to see if the template completes successfully)18:04
* kfox1111 nods18:05
kfox1111I would emagine most of the infrastructure to actually do that would be in place already. would just need a heat engine that could be called out to.18:13
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