Sunday, 2015-07-26

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docaedoah sorry I missed this conversation earlier :)  But I'm responding to the ML thread at least.02:25
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kfox1111_docaedo: alive?13:50
kfox1111_heh. guess judging from your last comment, probably asleep. :)13:50
kfox1111_FYI, I got glance image installing added to the web ui. :)13:52
kfox1111_just got one bug to fix to hook the new panel up to the sidebar.13:52
kfox1111_After that'13:52
kfox1111_s fixed, we really need the merged yaml before we do much more.13:53
kfox1111_Ah. got it.14:35
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kfox1111_Nice. Got it checking if the glance image is already installed and switching the button ui if it is.17:58
kfox1111_we can hook that into the nova launch wizard then.17:58
kfox1111_got that to work too. :)19:46
kfox1111_just gota finish up the template validate thing I'm working on and then we're in great shape. :)19:46
kfox1111_docaedo: Have you worked much on the unified yaml thing?19:47
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docaedokfox1111_: not really no, I started to combine the schemas and then haven't had time to circle back. So basically, no progress :(20:28
kfox1111_I'm quickly running out of things to do on the ui until the merge happens.20:49
kfox1111_Has your new job started yet?20:49
docaedonope, still enjoying a break (brewing beer at the moment, doing vacationy things with the kids next week), but will have some time later today to try combining the YAMLs, I'll speak up here if I make progress20:58
kfox1111_yeah. I took last week off too. back to work tomorrow though.21:04
kfox1111_I'll have to refactor the gui quite a bit once the merge happens. but that'll be a good thing.21:05
kfox1111_right now all the heat stuff is in one panel, and the glance stuff in another.21:05
kfox1111_There we go. heat template validation built in. :)21:28
kfox1111_so glance and heat's pretty well off now.21:28
kfox1111_Should be able to split out all the horizon specific changes now and push them back to horizon.21:28
kfox1111_The rest of the code can then just be a plugin then.21:29
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j^2sooo i think i may have created the beginning of the HA-chef server HOT22:01
j^2i havent figured out how to do the configuration yet though22:01
j^2that’s the long pole in the tent needless to say22:02
kfox1111_I've been meaning to try the software config via chef stuff in heat.22:36
kfox1111_it looks very interesting.22:36
kfox1111_kind of a heat managed chef solo.22:36
j^2yeah i havent gotten to the point where chef is actaually doing anything; it’s just a opinionated version of:
j^2doig the drdb setup22:52
j^2I’ve been beating the crap out of of my AIO OS instance22:52
j^2i’m starting to wrap my head around HOT, it’s interesting to say the least22:57

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